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  1. I would like to have the F1~ F4 buttons jump me to the Events, Direction, Divider & Length screens (directly with just a single button press, instead of pressing MENU + GP buttons) I edited the HWConfig file (see BOLDFACED below), saved and restarted, but the F buttons now do nothing.  Is it possible to do what I want?  If so what am I doing wrong? thanks for any help, Andrew # Following button functions are usually assigned to Fx # buttons, or to dedicated (labeled) buttons # In Wilba's frontpanel layout: # F1 is located at SR M3 Pin 3 # F2 is located at SR M2 Pin 2 # F3 is located at SR M2 Pin 3 # F4 is located at SR M1 Pin 2 # and there are dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste/Clear/Utility/StepView #                    SR  Pin EVENTS              M3   3 DIRECTION           M2   2 DIVIDER             M2   3 LENGTH              M1   2  
  2. FX Duplicate - monosynths>poly

    I want to use my MIDIBox Seq as a way to play four monosynths (using CV/Gate) as a polysynth from a MIDI keyboard. The manual says this can be done with the FX Duplicate but I have had no success after hours and hours of trial & error. I have G1T1 set to AOUT/1, G1T2 set to AOUT/2, G1T3 set to AOUT/3 and G1T4 set to AOUT/4.  If I put notes into those four tracks they play perfectly as they should. But when I try to route live MIDI notes in, I never get the monosynths playing the different notes. I am running ver 4.092 thanks for any help!  Andrew
  3. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Yeah, the Jam mode blew me away when I finally started playing with it!   I do have a question about it though:  sometimes when I press the CLEAR button it instantly clears the entire Track, but other times it seems to just erase notes that are played while the button is held (so if I only held down the CLEAR button during steps 2~9, any notes on steps 1 and 10~16 would not be erased) Why is that?  Is there something that chooses which way it works, or am I confused...? Oozitron (aka Andrew Scheidler)
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Did some posts disappear? I posted a suggestion (a "hold" button for indefinitely repeating a step in a Song) but now it's gone (?) And the two replies of others who liked it  :-) Drew EDIT: just found it...  I must have been in the "front panel" thread when I wrote it 
  5. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    The MIDIBOX Seq just keeps getting better and better  :-) An idea to consider:  In Song mode, could a button (one with an LED indicator such as All or Fast) be made to "repeat the current song step indefinitely" while it's ON?  Then when it's turned OFF, the Song Step would finish and proceed to the next Song Step. This would give you a little interactivity & flexibility during Songs.  A Song Step could play for an extended time for a solo or break.  Would be very useful during live performance. thanks!   Andrew  
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Is there a way to move all notes in a track forward or backward one step? Some sequencers have a "shift" or "rotate" function that move 1>2, 2>3, 3>4, etc. Or a way to insert a blank step 1, which would move all existing steps back...? Hopefully there's something like this already and I've just missed it :-) Drew
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Wow that was fast, and my initial testing (with Moog Prodigy) has it working perfectly :-D I will do some further experimentation over the next few days. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY JOY !!! Andrew
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I know I brought this up last spring, but I am now heavily using my old synths and modular with my V4/AOUT and (for me at least) the ability to turn on/off the CV "slide" (on the CV Config page) with the "slide" trigger would be the most useful new feature I can imagine. The "fingered portamento" + Slide Trigger (using MIDI synths) is wonderful, but my old Moog, Roland and modular want this feature too :-D Just curious to know if it might happen someday.  It would be an logical and elegant solution to controlling glide; a dream come true. Andrew
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Would it be too expensive if it was limited to just the CH/OH instruments on a Drum track? The "enhanced" versions of my idea are interesting, but I'd be totally happy with just the "simple" version  :-) Andrew
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Request for a Roland TR-909 feature: On many drum machines, you can enter 16 Closed HiHat (CH) notes, then switch to Open HiHat (OH) and add a few notes. When the pattern plays, every step that has both a CH *and* an OH note will only play the OH.  And if you remove a OH note, the CH note is still there; the CH notes aren't removed, just temporarily "over-ride muted".  This makes pattern-building / experimenting / jamming much easier. Hope that makes sense... LOVE MY MIDIBOX SEQ V4!!!! Andrew
  11. BankStick - Seq V4

    Can someone point me to documentation (or explain) about the BankStick? I've built a Seq V4 (with the STM32F4 core) and I thought everything was being stored on the SD card, but then find that on the Pattern screen there are 64 Patterns but each one has three additional "versions" that are stored on the BankStick that you can get to by turning the #3, #7, #11 and #15 encoder? Also, is there a way to disable those #3, #7, #11 and #15 encoders on the Pattern screen so I can't accidently  change to a BankStick pattern (I go to turn the #4 encoder to change a pattern but mistakenly grab and turn the #3 instead)?  I am fine with 64 Patterns. Any help is greatly appreciated  :-) Confused Drew
  12. Nth question

    When scrolling through the values for Nth1 or Nth2, the choices are  2, 3, ... 15, 16, then the Mute, Play, etc. What are those first 2~16 values for?  They are not mentioned in the manual and I can't make then do anything...? (also, the ??1, ??2, ??3, etc choices are not mentioned in the manual either) MIDIBox loving Drew :-)
  13. Nth question

    CANCEL THAT QUESTION! Those are "dummy values"...  found that in a different thread  :o) Drew
  14. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I finally have my DOUT and AOUT_NG units working on my Seq V4 and my drum modules and monosynths & modular are having a blast  :-) The "slide" amount for each CV in the "CV Config" page is a nice feature.  Would it be possible for it to work like "fingered portamento" on many MIDI synths?  Having two notes connected via a "glide" duration would turn on the slide, separated notes would make it zero. I have no idea if that might be possible...  it would be really cool :-) Drew
  15. Updated to V90 - features missing :-(

    jjonas - You are Crow and I feel like Gypsy!  I never realized you could choose the layers you want in a track!  I had been turning the GP knob 9 to scroll through the layers, thinking that those were the only parameter layers that were available.  I had never touched the GP knob 10. Thank you for enlightening me! (Push the button Frank...) Drew
  16. I finally quit playing with my V4 and updated the firmware from V87 to V90 Things work fine, but new features seem to be missing. (can't fine the "Nth" parameter, for example) Do I need to load 87, 88, 89 and then 90?  Or can I just go from 87 to 90? When I push EXIT it shows that I am running V4.090 Drew (mystified)
  17. SEQ V4 Line driver break out CV

    I run +/- 15 modular, and I thought (somewhere here on the site) that I read that +/- 15 volts will work fine with the AOUT board. Is that true?  Should I adjust any of the resistor values for 15 volt use? Drew
  18. SEQ V4 Line driver break out CV

    Wow, I was just looking for a way to boost the trigger outs (for my drum modules) as I am building the CV breakout unit for my Sequencer V4.  Several of my drum modules need about  5 volts to fire them off. The UDN2981 looks like the perfect way to do this.  Since I am not using any of the triggers for LEDs, can I just replace the 220R resistors with the UDN2981 chip?  (and add power and ground connections of course) Are the 220R resistors even necessary if I'm triggering drum modules (or EGs, or advancing step sequencers, etc) ? Drew (thanks for sharing the UDN chip idea Tashikoma!)
  19. "Global" Groove?

    I've been using my sequencer (V4) since I got it running in March 2015, and I LOVE IT :smile:   I'm of course still learning the features, and finding how to best adjust my ways of working to fit with it.  Most of the time I'm operating in Pattern mode, generally using each Group to control a separate "instrument", such as percussion, or basslines, etc.   Would it be possible to have a "Groove" setting that would affect all Tracks all the time, regardless of their Track Groove setting?   I like the ability to change the Intensity of the Groove for all 16 tracks that are running, but as soon as I change one pattern Group (I normally use Pattern mode)  it doesn't have the same setting as the others.   If there was a "Global Groove" (along with the ability to turn Global Groove ON or OFF), you could change patterns and never worry that you'd get a non-Shuffled pattern running with Shuffled patterns.   I like to mix & match patterns when I play, basically treating my four Groups like four X0X boxes.  Having one "Shuffle" setting to control everything would be really handy!   Does that make sense?   Drew
  20. Sequencer Videos

    Before I built my V4, I was frustrated with the available videos.  None of them really gave me a feel for how things worked and how data looked on the displays.   So I made my first one today.  Nothing new for people here, but might be good for people considering a MIDIBox sequencer.  Hopefully I can get some more made soon  :smile:   https://youtu.be/7EhMlsX6DIc   Drew
  21. "Global" Groove?

    Sounds fine to me  :-)   Drew
  22. "Global" Groove?

    Woo Hoo   :rofl:   Even if it was just the "Intensity" parameter, that would be enough.   What I've been doing is setting all my tracks to "Shuffle" and Intensity=0.  Then while playing I increase the Intensity (for All Tracks).  But of course then I change a Pattern and things get messy.   Sometimes I hear tracks (probably all sampled loops by lazy "DJ-Producer" types) where some parts are Shuffled and other aren't and it makes my head hurt...  almost as bad as guitar players who can't tune their strings...   I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Seq4    Thanks Thorston  :smile:
  23. Wilba controls mixed up

    EDIT - found my error...  my computer's "Q" key is flakey and my config file was named 'MBSE_HW.V4'   :rolleyes: Things are working good now  :smile: ----------------------------------------------   My SEQ4 is almost alive :-)   I hooked up the (Wilba) control panel and the controls seem to be mixed: Encoder 1 --> STEP mode Encoder 3 --> turns SCRUB on/off Encoder 4 --> moves cursor across screen Encoders 13/14/15/16 --> change notes in positions 4, 3, 2 & 1 respectively Data Wheel --> changes note in position 6   The buttons do not do the expected things; many seem to do nothing.   I do *not* have the LEDs in place yet (does that matter?)   Do I maybe have my connector cable wired backwards?   I do not get an SD card read error.   Any suggestions?  thanks, Drew
  24. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Two questions regarding Seq4 CV:   1) Can the AOUT_NG be powered with +/- 15 volts (instead of +/- 12) ?   2) I want to use an AOUT_NG and a DOUT in the breakout box within my modular cabinet.  From there I should be able to patch the CV and the trigger outs to various modules with patch cables up to 2m long, correct ?   thanks! Drew
  25. Shipping

    Maybe I'm an idiot, but all I can find (on SmashTV store) is that they are sold out... any clues as to where I should be looking are greatly appreciated :-) Drew