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MB64/MB64E/MBMF: searching for beta testers...


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...for the new, alternative patch mode which has been implemented on a very cold and rainy sunday. I had to made a lot of changes in different files and now would like to know if the old, "common" bank mode as well as the new patchmode is working in all cases. It would take me at least one week to check all usecases, so it's maybe better to ask you for support ;-)

In difference to the common mode, in patch mode each BankStick contains one bank configuration (means: pot/encoder/motorfader/button events and lables) and 128 snapshots (64/128 pot/encoder/motorfader/button positions + patchnames).

It allows you to prepare the bank configuration for one (or more) MIDI/Analog/VST instruments and to store/recall/morph up to 128 scenes.

So - patch mode will be the favourite option for everybody who not only wants to control his instruments, but who also wants to store as much as possible instrument settings in the MIDIbox. :)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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