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PCBs for AN2131SC USB Board?

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I am trying to figure out what stuff I'll need for the midibox projects I am starting, so I can get PCBs and parts ordered. I am in the US, so I will likely order PCBs from SmashTV.

Checking the USB board's page, I can't see any mention of a PCB for this one! Since this and the OPL3 boards use surface-mount parts, they are obvious candidates. I know that people have been hopeful for the PIC USB board, but I'd like to try this AN2131 version.

Anybody know of any PCBs for this out there?



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Well, I used to have bare PCBs for the 2131 based USB interface, but with the USB/PIC interface on the horizon (before we knew there were issues with the new USB PICs) I pulled it from my lineup.

Several reasons I was not sad to remove it from the store:

It needs a re-design (my fault, mounting hole too close to a trace)

Demand is very low (I had one run, about two dozen, for over a year on the shelf)

Difficult availability for the 2131, it's probably near EOL anyway as embedded USB technology advances

I don't have any left from the last run, but if there is sufficient interest (in other words, get 20 people together that want one for $10 each) and I'll have a new run fabricated.

I wish I had a better answer for you....  :-\



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