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some infos for built a midi box


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hi all, un saluto a tutti

I'm antonio from italy I'm new in this forum :-)

I've some question for a project with the midi box 64 or 64E ( what is the difference?)

I want build a midi controller for my prefered synt.

I have 5 midi ch with different cc.

So in total I have 19 pot. 12 sw. and 12 led

But midi ch 1 and ch 2 have the same cc, so I want 4 pot. zone, with the 1 zone is possible send cc on ch 1 or ch 2 or togheter, is this possible? for this solution is best the 63E ?



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*IF* I understood you:

Yes it´s possible. You can set up every single pot with it´s own CC Nr and Midi Channel (and so on... much more). The MB64 works with pots, the MB64E with Encoders and Pots.

For further stuff please consider the UCApps Page first. Both things are stated there (beside much more).


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hi pay_c

thanks for replay

I've read some more info on midi box so I've decide to do a midi box 64e

for have 19 encoder

12 switch

12 led

I need 2 dinx4 and 2 dout4 is correct.

Zone 1 works for midi ch 1 and 2 using the same encoder and switch, for cange midi ch only for this zone, I need another sw? ok I can assig multiple midi ch on each enc and sw?

Maybe is better have a sw for edit one ch at time, but this sw, for cange the midi ch assignment of all enc and sw of zone 1, is assigned at what comand?


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