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LCD Only?


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Hi All,

This is my first post. I've been looking at this forum for so long. I actually really interested with MIDIBoxLC, but dont have the skill to do so.


I've got friend of mine who's got Tascam US2400. While it is good for hardware controller, it has the downside which is it doesn't have a display. Well they do have, but it's in software, and you can hardly see which track is being selected.

So is it possible to built some kind of hardware LCD Monitor for the Tascam 2400. With LC emulation?


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Should be possible. But will probably only be good for using the Tascam 2400 in LC mode. How many midi ports does the Tascam US2400 use when it is in LC mode? According to the Logic control protocol, for 24 faders you will use 3 midi ports, or has Tascam found a way around this? The reason that I'm asking this is, that normally, you could use a midi splitter from the computer's midi outputs feeding the LC compatable controller, and the Midibox LC (display) at the same time. All you need is to build a MIOS core for each 8 fader blocks, with LCD's attached.

There is still quite a bit of work and electronics skill required to make MIOS core's and get the firmware loaded into them though, as well as soldering the LCD's.


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Hi Steven,

I believe the US2400 in connected to the computer via USB only. According to the manual it can be set to LC Mode/MCU and recognized by logic as 1 LC and 2 extender or it can be set to native mode which show up in Logic as the whole 24ch fader.

OK so, it's a great news that it's possible.

Thanks for the info, Steve.

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