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  1. Googleberry, have you had any progress with this? Custom apps for MIOS is a big undertaking if you are tight on time, or new to programming. If your controller is for Logic, I would simply build the LC clone, and assign the functions to the buttons that you want. (back in my midibox-intensive days it was a matter of assigning din, ain pins etc in a text file, then compiling that with the rest of the app. Though a lot has changed since then, and unfortunately I haven't had the time to keep up) If you want to use protools that may start to get tricky. If transport controls are all you want, there is at least one commercially available transport controller for reasonably cheap.
  2. Pro Tools Compatible?

    Deleted. (my rusty midibox ramblings maybe out of whack) Trying to get back up to speed with this stuff.
  3. My new MIDIbox LC

    This is very impressive, something to be proud of :thumbsup: Looks like you have 'straight' Ledrings? Makes sense to me... can see them clearly, and easier to construct! What duties does the MB64 look after?
  4. Add automation to an existing mixer

    Good luck, this sounds like a very cool project... sounds like your ideas are on the right track!
  5. Motormix emulation

    OK, yesterday I started thinking about this again... thinking about building a couple of simplified MBLC/motormix box... kmifflin, have you (or anyone else) managed to get the ledrings working with Protools? Cheers.
  6. So I tried it on another PC, still no go. So I tried following the directions to make the path changes permanent at: ...and it worked! I now have a compiled .hex file :-D Time to load into the midibox to try it! Thanks for your help TK.
  7. Cheers Thorsten, The result: C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e>sh -c "echo test" test C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e>sh .'bin/mios-sdcc -c -mpic16 -p18f452 --fommit-frame-pointe r --optimize-goto --optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -I./src -I ./ include/c -I .include/share -DDEBUG_MODE=0 src/main.c -o _output/main.o sh: .bin/mios-sdcc -c -mpic16 -p18f452 --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto -- optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -I./src -I ./include/c -I .includ e/share -DDEBUG_MODE=0 src/main.c -o _output/main.o: No such file or directory
  8. Got the following error after I carefully followed the quickstart ( (I simply put the folder with the motormix files here: C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e (so first line in the cmd window was: cd c:\midibox_mm_v2_0e)) C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e>SET PATH=C:\MSYS\1.0\bin;%programfiles%\SDCC\bin;%PATH% C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e>make rm -rf _output/* rm -rf _output rm -rf *.cod *.map *.lst rm -rf *.hex mkdir -p _output sh ./bin/mios-gpasm -c -p p18f452 -I./src -I ./include/asm -I ./include/share -I ./modules/app_lcd/dummy -DDEBUG_MODE=0 -DSTACK_HEAD=0x37f -DSTACK_IRQ_HEAD=0x3 3f -DDONT_INCLUDE_MIOS_ENC_TABLE -DDONT_INCLUDE_MIOS_MT_TABLE -I ./modules/mios_ wrapper modules/mios_wrapper/mios_wrapper.asm -o _output/mios_wrapper.o ./bin/mios-gpasm: line 66: gpasm: command not found make: *** [_output/mios_wrapper.o] Error 127 Then I realised I had to change the name of folder "programfiles" to "Program Files" in my entries in the CMD window. However, now I get this error:C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e>make rm -rf _output/* rm -rf _output rm -rf *.cod *.map *.lst rm -rf *.hex mkdir -p _output sh ./bin/mios-gpasm -c -p p18f452 -I./src -I ./include/asm -I ./include/share -I ./modules/app_lcd/dummy -DDEBUG_MODE=0 -DSTACK_HEAD=0x37f -DSTACK_IRQ_HEAD=0x3 3f -DDONT_INCLUDE_MIOS_ENC_TABLE -DDONT_INCLUDE_MIOS_MT_TABLE -I ./modules/mios_ wrapper modules/mios_wrapper/mios_wrapper.asm -o _output/mios_wrapper.o sh ./bin/mios-gpasm -c -p p18f452 -I./src -I ./include/asm -I ./include/share -I ./modules/app_lcd/dummy -DDEBUG_MODE=0 modules/app_lcd/dummy/app_lcd.asm -o _ output/app_lcd.o sh ./bin/mios-sdcc -c -mpic16 -p18f452 --fommit-frame-pointer --optimize-goto -- optimize-cmp --disable-warning 85 --obanksel=2 -I./src -I ./include/c -I ./incl ude/share -DDEBUG_MODE=0 src/main.c -o _output/main.o 'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. make: *** [_output/main.o] Error 1 C:\midibox_mm_v2_0e> This is my first attempt at compiling the app. I did not make any changes to the code, (apart from turning off the motorfaders off) just tried to compile to see if it would work. I have checked that SDCC is installed here: C:\Program Files\SDCC and MSYS is installed here: C:\msys\1.0 and GPutils is installed here: C:\Program Files\gputils I noticed that my msys folder was in fact called msys (not MSYS) so I tried changing that in the CMD window, but still no-go. Any suggestions? Cheers, Steve.
  9. Motormix emulation

    OK my re-found midibox obsession has had me up till 3am in the morning... just like my good old mb days! (when I was a student, studying sound, obsessed with pots, buttons and motorfaders!) So I was on the wrong track... (got caught up thinking in terms of the old compiling/converting/uploading methods) I thought it was too good to be true to be able to just upload a project.hex file to a running core using the Mios Studio app!!! But it is true! Read here: To re-iterate: To upload one of the completed MIOS applications, you construct a core, power it up, connect your midi cables to your computer, load your project.hex file into Mios studio, and click start to send the app to the core module! So I have tried the Motormix emulation... and it works! I have been able to control Protools (M-powered demo v7.4) faders with the Motormix application. So far, I have been able to control banks of 8 faders, pan encoders, mutes, solo, select track, bank select and some other functions (that are also available as hot-keys anyway) A few issues... Random motorfaders dropping to -infinity (just an inconvenience really, as the default setting is for fader data to only be sent if the touch sensor is activated) No feedback on LCD screen, just the Motormix emulation ready screen. Motorfader driver does not work as great as my MBLC... (faders buzz a bit) but may be tweakable Stay tuned... Gettin ready for re-entry to the mothership!
  10. Motormix emulation

    OK I had a look at MIOS Studio, I have a bit of background work to do before I can try this. (mainly checking I have my LC configs backed up somewhere before I overwrite the current application on the PIC)
  11. Motormix emulation

    OK its been a few years since I've played midibox... I pulled out my Midibox LC this morning, (PIC18F452 based) and was wondering the basic steps to turn it into a CM motormix emulation? Do I need to find the old version of the motormix application? Or will the new version work with my hardware? Do I need to compile it? (I never used MIOS studio, I always used to use the Microchip IDE, then convert with perl and then upload with midi OX!) Do I need to configure it? (I used the default pinouts, shift register locations etc in my Midibox LC build) What's the best way to get the app into my Midibox LC?! Cheers and hi to all, Steve C. P.S. I know logic with LC rocks but I need to practice using Protools to keep my PT skills up!
  12. very controllable, very simple

    Designed for maximum controllability from a single encoder and a few buttons...
  13. Thanks very much for the info!  :) Steve.
  14. Hey guys, bought a G4 off ebay for nearly nothing. I want to upgrade the HD. Does anyone know if I need a special mac drive or is it just a matter of formatting HFS+ on a standard PC drive? Thanks, Steve.
  15. alternative to ableton live?

    Hi people, Just wondering if anyone knows of any other applications that allow spontaneous live multiple track recordings like ableton does, but without the price tag? I already have logic and have figured out how to do something similar with midi recordings (cycle mode), but I'd like to do it with audio as well. Just checking out what people know before spending the cash. Steve.