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SID Random V1.0


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For those who feel bored on those dark winter days.

This application is just the port of the mk_sid_random.pl script (and TL's patch manager) - if you don't want to use these comfortable PC based programs, but if you are searching for a standalone solution, then this application could be interesting for you:


sid_random V1.0                        © 2005 Thorsten Klose (tk@midibox.org)


This application generates random patches for the MIDIbox SID

It just requires one core module, a button to "fire" the random patch,

and a "true random generator", e.g. based on http://willware.net:8080/hw-rng.html

The random generator has to be connected to pin RA0 of the core module (J5:A0)

The button to pin RC3 (J6:SI) - a pull-up resistor is already installed


The MIDI merger is enabled by default, this allows you to connect

the random generator between a keyboard/PC and your MIDIbox SID.

The additional latency is about 300..400 uS

Random constraints can be edited in sid_random.c


A precompiled binary is already part of this package:

  o project.hex (can be loaded into MIOS Studio)

  o project.syx (can be loaded into any SysEx upload tool)

Following tools are required to recompile the code:

  o SDCC v2.5.0

  o gputils

  o perl

The details are described under http://www.ucapps.de/mios_c.html


Required hardware:

  o one MBHP_CORE module

  o one button connected to pin RC3 of the PIC

Optional hardware:

  o random patch will also be generated when any button of a DINX4

    module has been pressed


Configuration steps:

  o check the "general application settings" in main.h if changes are

    required for your hardware setup (e.g., if no AINX4 multiplexers

    are connected to the core)

  o the application can be rebuilt with the "make.bat" file

    (type "make" in a DOS command shell)

  o Hint: unused analog inputs must be tied to ground, otherwise

    the core will transmit a lot of random CC events


Description about the most important files:

  - mios_wrapper\mios_wrapper.asm and mios_wrapper\mios_tables.inc:

    The MIOS wrapper code and MIOS specific configuration tables

  - pic18f452.c: exports PIC18F452 specific SFRs

  - main.c: the main program with all MIOS hooks

  - sid_random.c: generates the random patch

There are additional .h files for all .c files which contain

general definitions and the declaration of global functions/variables

These .h files must be included into the program parts which

get use of these globals



Download: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_download.html

Have fun!

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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