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.MID File update for Studio Electronics SE-1X Module??

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<edit> realized I wasn't too specific on the question & scenario-- He's trying to do an OS flash update via MIDI, but it isn't a regular SysEx file transfer. The site warns of the stuff below, but neither of us know what the deal is on MIDI interfaces with "selectable" speeds. They make it sound like a common capability.


Asking for a user in the MOTU forum (figure there are enough MIDI/synth heads around here ;D).

What the heck might all this be about:

Pay serious heed to these following cautionary prerequisites and requirements:

#1. DISABLE MIDI CLOCK. If you do not, you will damage, possibly irreparably, your Flash-ROM chip!

#2. Set your MIDI interface to 1MHz (this has nothing to do with "tempo" - which is preset), or whatever your slowest transmission speed is, for if you do not–again–you will savage, decidedly irreparably, your Flash-ROM chip. If it appears that your interface doesn't allow you to define this value DO NOT PROCEED!! Contact the tech. support dept. of the interface's manufacturer to obtain such instructions (pray they be available), and then ANALOGIA INC. (310-640-3546) to validate said instructions.

That speed setting sounds vaguely familiar, but way way old (like some proprietary stuff from back in the "Opcode days" or something. Anybody know what it means? He's running current stuff (a MOTU MIDI Express/ likely USB).



PS- The update files are standard MIDI (.mid) format and you actually "play" them as a track.

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