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Like everytime when I start to improve the MIDIbox64 SEQ firmware, also this time I was distracted by a nice sequence that I found during the tests of a new function. But only a special gimmick makes this sequence so vital as it can be heart in the mp3 example - my thought: hey, this could be interesting for the community, a starting point for exchanging tips & tricks in sound enhancements.

The demo (SID Demo 10, mixed for headphones ;-))


So, my intention was to use three filtered audio delays in this setup: MB64SEQ+Keyboard ---[MIDI]--> SID ---[audio]--> Logic ---[VST]--> Compressor ---[VST]--> 3 filtered Delays --> Audio Out

The filtered delays are VST effects, realized with Reaktor like shown here:


(but I think that also common VST delays and VST filters could be used)

Three different filters are selected: lowpass, highpass and bandpass. The cutoff frequency is modulated by a LFO (!) for an automatic varied timbre. Also the panning is modulated. The delay time depends on the BPM, factor: 1.5 for BP, 1 for HP, 2 for LP.

The results:

  • from 0:00 to 0:16 - just a phased bass as entry
  • from 0:16 to 2:00 - a single SID + the delay effect is played, more and more notes fill the sequence
  • from 2:00 to 2:17 - two SIDs (brass preset) with a VST chorus effect + dynamic filter, controlled by MB64SEQ
  • from 2:17 to 2:50 - plus a second track which controls a single SID (+ the delay effect)
  • from 2:50 to the end - the ultimate sequence w/ three SIDs (slightly detuned and tranposed) +
    the filtered delay effect, played by MB64SEQ + RM1x + Logic

(drums are played by a RM1x groovebox, synced to MB64SEQ, strings played with an AN1x, bass with Reaktor SalEM1 VSTi, everything recorded and arranged with Logic)

Ok, how about your favourite effects? :)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

P.S.: thanks to György Birki, the creator of the Reaktor based filter delay macro, which comes with the standard library - it's really a fine toy when you combine multiple instances :)

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