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A Mix of My Own Productions - detroit Techno (ish)

The III Man

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Hi All ;)

I have just finished off a load of my own productions and would aprreciate it if you would give them a listen, I have made a mix which you can download from the link below, and I have posted lots of the tracks that can be downloaded and listened to on my website http://www.thethirdmanmusic.co.uk also a couple of the tracks are on my myspace. I'd really appreciate any feedback. Please download, burn to cd etc and I hope you enjoy.


thanks alot

toby (The Third Man)


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I wasn't gonna bother with this cause I don't like techno much but it got so many good reviews I thought hey.... 7 minutes remaining ;)

Shit???? Not sure, are you like it or not? English or slang?

I think that was a statement rooted in

ebonics :) IE African American slang

Shit = Stuff


There's shit everywhere

What's that shit

We gotta go, get your shit

<cheech and chong> That's some good shit

<beastie boys> oh my god thats some funky shit


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Yo Stryd, thanks for clearing it out, mon. I`m sure now Leaphion meant that The III Man`s music is some good shit, but what the hell those Ebonics are talking about. ???

I thought Rastas are hard to understand but this Ebonics... that shit is really impossible to understand.

It is lunch time... gotta find some good shit to eat... I`m starving  ;D ;D ;D

Remember South Park episode about saying shit 1000000 times?  ;D

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