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My Track Collection is online now!


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My Track Collection is online now @



ELEKTRO / TECHNO /PSYTECHNO / Live arrangments

There are some tracks made by the SID- you find it with the Description "chiptune" or "Hardware"

The Rest is made with Ableton Live with Plugins: "V-station" "Alpha" and "Battery"

Space on, have fun, phatline  ;)

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Yea! To fast for the "weiße-unterhemden-prolo-photo-poser-fuzzis", because the are standing the whole night by the bar-still posing for phototgraphs, while the partycrowd (3 people) is raving.

Oh I hate 80% of the austrian party crowd  :'(

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posing for photographs?

well,.. I hate 80% of my bandmates  ::)

the electric guitars are always too loud, the drums are too loud...

They don't really know what I am able to do with a keyboard/synthesizer....

"Keyboard is techno, techno is bad"

it's a rockband, but the best rockbands are those with a synthie.... ::)

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it's a rockband, but the best rockbands are those with a synthie.... ::)


With Synths you inject your soul in Songs. => you modulate the sound with your brain.

a guitar (drums, basses, sax...) has its own soul => wood,metall,nylon and a human sequenzer.


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Don't feel bad mate, it's the same everywhere.....

In australia also? ok last week a spoke with a woman from Danmark... in danmark its also the same....

Yeah I think in all rich Industrial countrys its the same - the money demoralizes the people.

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Yeh it's a different crowd these days...

IMO the UK government is directly to blame for this... Back in the day, they got a bit dirty about all the illegal parties, and made new legislation which, under the guise of political correctness ("think of the children"), and at the threat of inordinate punishment (fines greater than tax fraud and jail sentences longer than your average rapist), forced the raves from warehouses into nightclubs. No longer was it possible to do the parties on the cheap, and a source of revenue was required in order to balance out the additional costs, not only of the venue itself, but all the additional costs such as insurance... And the source? Why, how convenient, it's right there in the locations deemed legal for raves:

The bar.

Of course once the UK did it, it was easy (if not encouraged) for everyone to follow. Once upon a time you almost never saw booze at parties, and everyone was nice and totally into the music. Now, the crowds are mostly the same kind of people that were frequenting the bars and nightclubs before electronic music came along. Booze is consumed, guys hit on girls, fights break out, date rape is commonplace... People aren't there for the music, motivated by the culture's different outlook on life - they're there for the social interaction, motivated by interpersonal relations.

The rave scene has been gradually assimilated with mainstream barcrawler culture by means of enforcing political correctness with legislation. I hear a LOT of people saying the rave scene is dead now, and I say it died the day that law was passed over a decade ago... It's just taking a long time to fall down.

It's very interesting to see tho state of modern warfare and politics in action though. The rave scene was a vanguard of the push for personal liberty in the 90's and under the very guise of providing this liberty - with protection of course - governments around the world have managed to turn a regular festival of peaceloving dancing hippies into a place where you have to be ever vigilant to make sure you don't get your drink spiked and wake up in a strange hotel room or piss off the angry drunk over there and wind up in the Emergency ward.

The really scary thing about this is the way it was done, supposedly with the intent of making things safer. The end result says otherwise....

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Don't feel bad mate, it's the same everywhere.....

Not really...

Yeah I think in all rich Industrial countrys its the same - the money demoralizes the people.

I would agree with Phattline even I dont have much experience clubbing outside of Serbia. Situation here is bit better in one hand... most of the people are on dancefloor, but on the other hand, most of them are teenagers which is not so good especially cause they are high. Older people, from age 25 and more (ex clubbers) are rare at the clubs nowdays and most of them saying like... all clubbs are full of kids, why should I go..? To me that is stupid excuse. Music should be main reason not people, some of those kids really enjoy in music, some are just very drugged. I dont mind if they are "kids" as long as they have positive attitude, but I got feeling there are more and more negative people at the clubs, and that worries me. I can isolate myself in my head and sound but sometimes it is hard to isolate physically...

I lived in South Africa for some time and I went to few of their clubs where Indians and colored are 95% and situation is pretty different... The girls are so crazy (and absolutely beautiful) but guys are kinda stiff.

I don`t know what direction clubbing is going and dont think it is bright. People are so high in eastern countries, or so drunk in western. :-\ 

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IMO the UK government is directly to blame for this...

accurate  ;), too right  :-[

1967: Private Places of entertaining (licensing) act

1988: Licensing act (the police got more power by licensing partys)

and of course: Misuse of drugs act

1988 - 1990 altercations between (ilegal open airs) party people and police (force)

1990: Entertainments (increased penalties) act: organizers of illegal partys must pay up to 20.000 Pounds and must go  in prison for 6 months!  :o

1992 (may): Woodstock a open air rave(by castlemorton): 40.000 People came, the organizers have been denounced, but the denounce ment was dinied. (costs of denouncement: 4 millions pounds! - and very much negativ public!)

1994: CJA-Criminal Justice Act (thats the shittiest act ever- you must read this act  :o fu...ing grazy!- this has destroyed the rave culture)

1997: local nameities can close clubs (no licensce anymore) if they have arguments of drug misuse in this club!

In austria we had the last years a big psy trance festival "sonneklang" (since 2003)

To understand the austrian system: Austria is cuttet in 10 areas, in 2 areas we have CJA like laws (not so heavy of course), (in both areas is a bigger psy trance scene)

Now this year the Justice of 1 area "niederösterreich" (nether austria) will not license this-one of the biggest- psy trance festival of europe!

The Argument of the justice was: 2 persons had died in the last 2 years.- First in the puplic the said "a drug dead"

But the truth was- one clean person is fallen 50meters into a lake and had died.

The other had a car crash by driving home (2005 came 8000 people of all over the world - and the most free people go there by car!)

In the other hand wie have very much  acceptet partys for the biggest part of our populace: It consist Alcohol alcohol alcohol alcohol.... and shitty popdancemusic of the ugliest form, after a while in this sick society their minds are getting ugly.  :-\

And the most people are die ing on this partys! (not on a rave!)- And this partys are ones of the negativest effects for our population, and if somebody has died on a party in the most of cases- he had died of alcohol-or drived drunken or of force.


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