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MBSID in an university exam


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Hi all!

Some months ago I and a friend of mine played a semi-live performance of MBSID in an exam of "audio engineering" - now here's the video bootleg on YouTube!

The audio is crappy because of reverb, the melody isn't that much (also the bassline is inaudible) and the drums are in fact looped samples... but we enjoyed a lot and we got the maximum mark (30 cum laude)!!

I'm the one on the right messin' around with a step A surface in a cd-player box ( IMG_2297), while my friend is driving the loop sampler at the PC.

The whole song lasts about 4 minutes but the camera ended its memory - we also lost the original files :(

That performance was the second part of our work, the first part was to describe the fundamentals of music synthesis, with regard to 8-bit music. Perhaps it was the coolest exam at the Politecnico di Torino :D

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