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Getting Ready to Finish my first MB64!!!


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Untidy? ...man, you know nothing about untidiness!  You gotta try much harder to have untidy workbench like mine. 8) I might picture it once to scare you all. Keep on trying  ;D ;D ;D

OMG. Sasha. Untidy.


lol...insane....hehe....s185.gif ....mad...hehehe.....

I'd love to see that pic....hehe....

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Hey, If I am perfectionist and pay attention to the details that don`t means I`m tidy while working. My father ask me all the time... "how can you work in that mess" but, it`s creative mess... :) Yes, it is hard to pay attention to the piece I`m working on and keep the table tidy. I wish I could as I`m looking for something small in that messy table all the time. It is a waste of time, but hey, you can`t have it all. :)

Snorkman, sorry for thread hijacking. Better wright some news before it`s too late.  ;D

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