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Hi! Just downloaded your two tracks... very good although I have no clue what is being said... very interesting sounding, I like the beats: quite original!

Your language has interesting rythmic properties too hehe I want to congratulate you for staying "true" to your language as most artist tend to go the "easy" way and do everything in english (I'm fighting this habit and it's hard!!! (I Speak French))

Keep up the good work!

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Really? Do you know which bands?

here is a local one I like a lot: Loco Locass (from Montréal, Québec, Canada)

You should be able to find it on kazaa or something...

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DJ Cam does some nice tracks with some French MC's

Also DJ Vadim (ninja tunes) has some cool guest MC's who are jammin in French

I'll try to check out your recommendation is there any albums I might find at the record shop?

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