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  1. Commodore 128D

    Hi Yes, I looked at trying to reuse the 128 case. Mine was metal also.... in the end I coulnt find a good use for it so it went to the bin. They are quite big, quite heavy and not really very cool looking  :-\ unless you like plain square boxes.... Still it was sad to throw it away as it was mine from when I was a kid....  :'( peace
  2. Dont you guys have the spray on board protectant stuff? Once you have etched your board you just give it a coat of this stuff and it seals it. It is like a clear silicon spray that drys solid. It also allows you to solder thru it (really nicely) then once you have finished soldering just give it a little more spray on the solder joints and all is happy. my boards are 3+ years old and still look like new. It stops the air problem and looks really shine'y and pretty too!
  3. tutorial LC emulation

    Yeah I used just 1 of each from memory I will check later today when I get home, I put them on a breadboard to make it easy/tidy. yokattane? what is this from a manga perhaps? (I am a major Otaku and watch too much Anime.) Are you living in Japan?
  4. My MBLC Layout: Your comments please...

    Hi Looks good, but make sure you have tested your components in this desgin before manufacturing the panels, i.e. exact dimensions of LCD etc. Also you should note that the 4 channels on the LCD are not split evenly across the width like on your design, there is more info on the LCDs like time code display etc which means the channel data is shifted to the right on LCD 1 and to the left on LCD 2. Sorry if you already know all this, I realise this is still a prelim design. LO
  5. Newbie: A couple of questions

    Nice work! So you are using LED strips instead of rings?
  6. tutorial LC emulation

    Hi, Sure I have used several voltage reg's to get the correct voltage. It works fine. If you are using backlit LCDs you may want to put a heatsink on the 78**'s as they get quite hot. I use a laptop power supply (15v) that I bought from a surplus shop for about $2 it works fine on the LC (core, 2x back lit LCD & MF board with 8 motor faders.) 3A should be plenty. peace ha, that was my first post in over a year.... Im re-designing my LC now so I might lurk a bit.
  7. Newbie: A couple of questions

    Hey Re mixing different apps via midibox link No problem as far as the actual connection goes (I was running a MB64 & a MBMF together) it will work just fine. If you want to use just 1 LCD screen to view both Cores data then you are on your own this would require you own programming. I just used one LCD to set-up the cores and troubleshoot then left it pluged in to the MB64 core as I didnt really need the MBMF messages on the LCD for the final design. Make a cheap & simple design first use it a couple of times.... your almost sure to pull it to bits and redesign it again :( Ive seen some designs in a cardboard box as a start point! Ive never built it but I dont think you can have Pots on a MB64E, encoders only??? You better read up on that. Cant help you on the sending of several controllers at once? but I'd be very surprised if it wasnt possible (once again it will require your own programming I think?) Most of all, have fun & welcome to the Midibox world (watch out its really addictive) pEaCe
  8. Funky & original design, Well done. It looks kinda "Dr Who(ish)" Probably only an english program?
  9. Hi Sorry I think I miss read your first post I was really talking about controlling softsynths stand alone (outside of a seq environment) This is where I often set-up my patches. But yes you can control Vsti Parameters from within Cubase via a LC/MC (or standard Midibox I presume?!) The parameters show up on the LCD. LO
  10. Hi, I got encoders now, but before that I found the various pot modes quite useful ie relative. Have you had a good play with them? peace
  11. 4 bit lcd - how to change mios

    Hi...... mmmmm I also had this exact same problem with a 4x40. It was really easy to  solve no need to switch to 4 bits or anything like that. Make sure you have the 2nd enable line (unused) tied to ground and all should be fine. Hope that solves your problems? pEaCe LO edit; thanks to TK for helping me to troubleshoot that one!
  12. --== Computer Design & Panel cutting ==--

    Hi A file to be send to a laser cutter needs to be in either .dxf or .dwg format (autocad), I dont know about what corell can do?
  13. skipping encoder

    Just try all the diferent combo's with wiring the encoder I also had this problem until I found my pin out was slightly different
  14. PSU

    Hi I am using a powersupply from a laptop its 15v and about 3a I think? All I have done is to build a very simple circuit on some vero board with a couple of voltage regulators to step the voltage down. peace
  15. SID Patches from Sidstation

    Sounds cool Although in its current state it might be a bit beyond me? Look forward to future releases Thanks  :D