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Parts ordered!




Finally got off my ass and ordered all the electronics to make this puppy happen. :sorcerer:

Making a fully stuffed midibox64e. Going to try with the LPC17 core, so I don't even know if I'll be able to getting working until TK releases the NG stuff for it. Anywho is what I'm trying to make. Going with regular LED's per Hawkeyes rec. and I'll wait on knobs and make a dummy layout to see if the spacing is too tight per ilmenator's and Tbreath's concerns...

Total damage so far: $160 from mouser + $258 AVI Showtech = $418



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that's quite the investment for one project, i just ordered parts last week for three different projects and it came out to a little over 300$, mb seq v4l, SID v2 with two SIDs, and enough parts a few 808 kick drum clones... been waiting a week, going to be atleast another week or two before everything shows... i HATE waiting

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