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Working, in more ways than one!




I'm sure you've all been waiting in bated breath to hear how things are going with my MB6582.

Well, after some annoying setbacks that were pretty much all my fault I've gotten the box to work.

Then, a big new job came in, which is great news! However, it pretty much takes away all my spare time to be midiboxing. :( Hence the reason I've not been around too much.

I still have a couple last steps to complete my box.

I've ordered some knobs, albeit somewhat boring ones for now, and just need to add the mix out and the last 3 pots for the filters in the back. Once that's all installed, I'll post pictures.

I was visiting LA last week where I found some cheap, low profile heat sinks at All Electronics. It was cool to be actually in that store, which I've perused the website many times. I think they will fit on the SIDs nicely, and aren't too tall. I'll get back to you on that when I've had a chance to try putting them in.

I've already incorporated the MB6582 into some of my work. So far, so good.

Again, I'll post pictures and mp3s when I get a chance to come up for air...




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