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MB-6582 is ready. Ready. Ready. er, ready for what?



It's taken a considerable amount of time due to life/work getting in the way, but I finally got my MB-6582 to the point where it should power up and go.

I attached the control board to the enclosure. All good there.

I made all my cables. I ended up scrapping the original idea of making them removable on both sides, the plugs didn't fit inside the case. (Just as you had thought, Hawkeye) Maybe I'll find another use for those parts one day. I soldered the base PCB side of the cables to the headers like the tutorial, and have some heat shrink tubing on them ready to go.

When all my cables were attached, I powered up. Sadly nothing really happened. I just got the same screen I originally got when the LCD started working. No lights, no fanfare... I just get a nice copyright notice from TK, and the awfully positive seeming, "READY." I moved pots, and hit buttons. Nada. I double checked my cables and it seems they are attached ok. Those PIC chips on the base PCB are already all set up to go, right? The operating system just doesn't seem to be doing anything. Or did I perhaps not hook something up correctly. I only have two SID chips in for testing, (why fry them all, right?) but that shouldn't matter, right? Did I miss some insanely obvious header connection or something? Any ideas?

See below:


Here's a couple peeks inside:





I thought it was something simple like that. :rolleyes:

I'll take care of it and tell ya how it goes.

Thanks again!

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Amazing. I think it works. The only snag I had was forgetting to put the jumper in at J11. After that, it seemed to boot up just fine.

I've yet to get a sound out of it (slight drawback), but I think that's more my inexperience with the operating system than anything else. Just playing a midi keyboard into it doesn't seem to get it going. That being said, I'm about to delve into the use of MIOS.

I'll post pics and more thoughts when I get a little more time.

Thanks for the help and for putting up with me. I can't believe it's alive!



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Congrats! Great build, hope you enjoyed it! ;-)

Hitting the "play" button on the top right should sound the currently active engine (output only on the respective outs, or on the mix out)... there is also the possibility, that the lowpass filter is tooo low, try turning it up, some patches may be optimized for the 6581sids, if you have 8580 sids, you may have to adjust the default filter cutoff value... other than that i´d suggest you upload the demo patch bank with many nice sid patches :)

Goodbye for now and lotsa fun with your fantastic new synth!


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Another potentially stupid question:

Do I need to put the MB-6582 into a SysEx receive mode to receive the data using the SysEx tool that comes with MIOS Studio? If so, how do I get to it?


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of course I just upgraded to 10.7... Maybe I can try it on my wife's laptop... hmmmm


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