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  1. Oooh. This is really nice. Great work. Thanks for sharing. I picked it up on Bandcamp!
  2. Thanks Bruno! I should have known this. That's the best of both worlds in this situation, as I do like how the SQ80 sounds (and the UI makes programming a breeze - not something synths of this type and era are known for haha.) I'll set that up immediately. Yes, this is how I'm working too. As of now, I don't have any multi-timbral devices attached... partially for that very reason. Ooooh. I haven't explored this yet. That's a great idea. So much food for thought here gotkovsky. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Hawkeye! I’ve been doing something similar using the SEQ as the aggregator using it with the live/forward features. I think I need to add a dedicated midi controller keyboard that has no internal sounds to keep it a little easier to manage. However, my SQ80 with its polyphonic after touch is pretty great as a master keyboard. It just gets a little confusing sometimes as it also makes it’s own sounds haha. I have a lot less synths on my chain right now... tying to keep it simple. That said, I’m attempting to incorporate some non synth/midi gear as well... (a Wurli and a trombone)
  4. I’m curious how u use your SEQ... I’ve been diving in more... there are so many options... so many different ways to potentially create. I understand everyone probably uses the device a little differently... A couple questions off the top of my head... Do you have the SEQ control everything or do you allow the gear it’s triggering to do some processing on it’s own? For instance: Drum machines... do you have the SEQ control all the notes, or do you have it trigger patterns that you’ve already programmed into your drum machine... let the machine play it’s own “feel” Arpegg
  5. That is wonderful news, Hawkeye! I am happy to hear we may get a second chance. I’m still kicking myself for missing that first group buy.
  6. Ok. I get it now. I can work with this. I like the approach from the thread linked above better than using the END statement, as it's more flexible in the repeat. When you press the GP button to tell the SEQ4 to move on, yes it's in real time, but the steps are never out...it doesn't start from step 1 right when you hit the button... so I misunderstood this behavior before. Obviously I don't have step sequencer instincts. What I'll do is have the next section after the repeat start with a fill bar, so I can cue it anywhere within the steps, and it will play the fill going in
  7. Ok... found this: I will experiment with this approach tonight. :)
  8. I have the line driver board, not yet installed, to drive a 16x4 BLM that's still in construction. It's definitely an interesting option for the future. Still wrapping my head around the SEQ4... what a beast hahah. Great work!
  9. This looks amazing.
  10. In song mode, when a "end" command is used, it seems that pressing one of the GP buttons will continue the song at (A1,B1,C1...P1) which is great, however it's done in real time. My time isn't that precise, admittedly, and the use case would involve a trombone in my hands anyway (planning to trigger with a pedal) Is there any way to have that behave like changing patterns on the pattern page with pattern change synchronization enabled? You'll see I started talking about this here: but I'm more informed now, having spent a few more hours on the SEQ trying to figure thi
  11. Sorry. I guess it was a pretty basic question, being that I think I found most of the answer in the "beginner's guide" hahah. ahem. When programming a song I can utilize the "end" command that will repeat the last patterns until stopped or a GP button is pressed. I'll have a trombone in my hands, so hitting a button w/my hands isn't a good option... therefore I'll enable Ext. Ctrl, assign CC to "play song phrase" and send that CC from a pedal. (a Keith McMillan 12 Step) I won't know until I try it, so I'll get off the internet and on the SEQ 4. I'll start a new thread o
  12. I've been enjoying my SEQ V4. Such wonderful work, and I'm still wrapping my head around it. I'm trying to get a live setup happening using the SEQ V4 to play/trigger backing synths/drum machines for live trombone and guitar to play with. I'm not sure that the unit is best suited for this use case, but I'm curious: Song mode: Is it possible to have a song loop a section (let's say the last 32 beats) infinitely until a cue (triggered by a midi note via pedal) once it gets that cue, it knows to move on the next time it makes it to the end of that loop? I'm trying to figure out a way
  13. This is just a shot in the dark. I just missed the original bulk order so many months ago. I snoozed. I loozed. I know for sure that at least one of you out there picked up a PCB and now realize that you just don't have the time to put it together. Let me help you with your guilt. I'll buy it from you (and any parts you may have). If you sell it to me, you'll know that the stuff will be used.... and maybe even work one day... (it's a big maybe when I'm building hahah) Let me take your guilt away. It'll be one less thing on your "unfinished projects" list! I'm in NYC. I'
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