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Alright, i'm stuck within choices.

When i started about 8 years ago (i had to look that up, see here for my old blog.. has it really been that long?) there was only a sidV1 and no mb6582 from wilba. I collected parts to be used in a compete CS, all diy wiring, as that was the only option.

Then came the V2 and wilbas awesome mb6582 project with it. I got his base pcb, as i still had my own CS in my head.

Fast forward to now. I'm finally at a point in my life where i can finish this project, as i want this to be done, and start using it. Especially because i've found one of the dutch chiptune communities, eindbaas.

Back to the choice i now face. Do i really want to build my own CS?

Pros are:

Customized to my liking.

Able to use my old stuff i've collected.

Rackmountable if i so desire.

Cheapest solution (excluding my time)

Mono outs.

Or do i want to go with wilbas design


Beautiful design.

Pro looking insides.

Less troubleshooting.

Faster to build.

Here are some pics of the stuff i have:

First an overview.






Encoders and knobs.




2x40 and 4x20 Lcds, and row of buttons for the 2x40.


Red leds and ribbon cable.


For me, the most important factors are, usability/functionality, cost, and time spent.

It would probably take me 2 months to design and build my own CS. Excluding any difficult troubleshooting. I may also fail completely.

What would it cost to go for wilbas design?

I would need:

A CS pcb. From smashTV. - unknown

Maybe A lot of buttons. - not much i guess.

A lot of diodes. - not much i think.

A pactec pt-10 - 25 euros

A frontplate - free (i know a guy.)

If i can change the buttons on his design, i may be able to use my the ones i have. Or make the holes bigger and use these.


I'll contact smash for an estimate, so i can make an informed decision.



Recommended Comments

I can only comment from my point a view. It's fairly easy to build castles in the sky. This would be ideal and if i improve on that....then it would be even better. But in the end it is about using the thing.


It is a bloody waste to have something like this sitting on the shelve. And it will also give you a hands on experience. Maybe you are quite comfortable with wilbas cs! If not it will be a good lesson where to improve. At least then your next starting point is a usuable situation instead of something which lies in pieces on the shelf :wink:


But i am pretty sure you already knew this...

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Hey Shuriken,


Thnx for your input. And you are absolutely right. After some soul searching (or rather rationally evaluating the pros and cons) i've come to the same conclusion. It helps to have my conclusions externally confirmed though.


There are some slight alterations i'm going to make, for which i won't need to go out of my way to achieve them. i'll put a blogpost up soon explaining my thought process.

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