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Baseboard nearly complete, and some thoughts.



And the IC headers.

i've found my SID chip collection as well, i've got 2x6582, 3x6581, 3x8580 and one 8580 that has a defective filter.

i want to have 1 6581 pair, 1 6582 pair and 2 8580 pairs, which means i need to find one 8580 from somewhere. If you got one for a good price, contact me :smile:


I'm also thinking design choices, the mb6582 base is prepared for stereo outs, probably to save on space. but i'd rather have mono out, that's how my studio is set up. otherwise i need special cables for my MBsid. the MB6582 has passive mixing built in, but this means i either need to buy other mono outs, or i need to go with the stereo out smashTV provided in the kit. probably need to think about this some more.

Then there is the control surface. my younger self thought it was a good idea to do it myself. and i kind of agree, that way its completely the way i want, but its way easier to build the CS with the PCB wilba designed for the pactec case. I may splurge and just buy the CS and pactec case just to make it easier for myself. One big gripe i have with wilba's design though, is the buttons. maybe i can change them in his design. need to ponder these choices further ;)


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where you can find the control surface PCB for the mb6582?


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