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Finishing MBSEQ




So many years ago I started an MBSEQv3. Life happened, moved a couple times, it sat on a shelf unfinished. So now I begin to upgrade it to v4 and finish it off. below are some pics of it after pulling it off the shelf:20160228_151131.thumb.jpg.c23770da20f83120160228_151111.thumb.jpg.9d5631cb8f1f56


The case is an old rackmount Altec Lansing Mixer, I will have a new panel laser cut from acrylic You can see the 4x16 BLM's i started, one is finished the other I forgot to stuff diodes.....(they were made months apart) DOH! board on the right with the cutout in the middle is the transport section, a large jog wheel will go with the encoder shaft through the cutout. above it you can see the old MIOS8 Core. not shown are the DIN's and DOUT's.


I've got a NEW MIOS32 core(STM32F4) built and testing now. Looks like the pinning of the LCD is different now so a little work there. I'll finish the Veroboard mockups to see how I like the handling and layout before commiting to having some PCB's made. I've thought about using the WILBA panel but I really want a custom solution and love the look of the SCHADOW switches I have. I have a large quantity of them but they are pulls, I hope reliability doesnt bite me in the end though they are extremely long life switches. The caps are the type that I can print my own labels and put under the clear cap.


There will be a bit of free panel space and some room in the case, I am debating what to do with it. Integrate a SID, FM, or GOOM Synth? Some dedicated MBNG controls (from a second Core) Maybe some eurorack rails will fit? Just thought of that will have to see if theres enough room? I'm open to suggestions. I like the case, it fits nicely in an empty rack space I have, and is about the size of my yamaha RS7000, but will have more controls I think. I like controls.... ;) Let me know what Ideas you might have for the extra space !




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