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SEQ V4 Progress

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Some progress to report. 


Needed to get new ribbon cables for the new Core. One would think crimping ribbons is a trivial task but I managed to mess up two. first one I made worked fine. next two no good (one somehow had a dead short). Finally got that sorted.

Then out to the drill press to recess the angle aluminum I had the LCD's mounted to, so they didn't end up way above the buttons. No problems.


Then to finish wiring up the encoders, which I started years ago, and had all the switches and 4 encoders wired. Again no problems....well they haven't been tested yet....I'm panel mounting the encoders so I've just Soldered directly to the pins and heat shrinked over them (remember to slip the shrink tube on before soldering).


Some pictures, Else it didn't happen ;)



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