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Weekend Update...

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Not much time this weekend But I managed to Solder up a few NEW DIN/DOUT boards. And the complication comes in the pinning of the new boards, the arrangement of the 2x5 header does not allow me to use my old 1x5 cables to the CS as wired in V3, due to the arrangement of the SR inputs. Not a big deal, off to the HW config file to do some editing (It was bound to happen sooner or later!).....


Other observations on the New DIN/DOUT boards....It would be nice to have a bit more clearance to use shrouded (Box) headers, The I/O headers on the end overlap board mounting holes and the SR connections would have been too close on one of the boards IIRC. No big deal, I used the srouded headers on the SRIO chain, and normal ones on the I/O pins.

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