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Marrying an MB-SEQ v4 with a modular synth




Been at it for some time now. I'm building a mystery. :whistle:

I figured that it would be nice to combine the awesomeness in a cute little box that is the MB SEQ with my ongoing modular. I snatched a couple of sequencer front panels from Julian F and finished two sequencers, one for me, one for my partner in crime - mr F.

After assembling a whole host of modules, both of our own design and PCBs sourced from various people on the electro-music forum it all came together thanks to the Aout_NG module and TK's awesome work. No more external MIDI-CV converters! In fact this modular has 4GB of flash, ethernet and other non-standard goodies.

The rest is transistors and chips, some SSM, some CEM, some OTAs and even a light sprinkle of discrete transistors where we could get away with it. At the moment we are filling up the 8U/HE panel that is to host the Aout CV outputs, the gates and some bread-and-butter modules interfacing the system with the real world plus the usual VCO/VCF/ENV/VCA chain in order to make it a complete synth in one rack. All this will sit in a light-weight Adam Hall 12U tabletop racks.

The VCO is a Thomas Henry XR-VCO using a XR2206 oscillator with skewed waveforms, the VCF is our own take on the CEM3379 VCF/VCA/PAN that is dual and in full stereo. On top of this we have a noise source from the Thomas Henry Super-Controller that uses the good old SN76477 IC to great effect. This also gives us an LFO and S&H/lag processor. Add a couple of SSM2056-based ADSR modules (we have a ton of these plus we are lazy - sue us!) and some mix/split channels and were good to go. So far it's all panel 1.

The preliminary design is printed on paper so that we can make sure that fingers fit between the knobs, there are guard lines around the holes to make sure we don't place any components inside others on the backside.

Off to Shaeffer/FPE soon. Not time for POIDH just yet, unless you enjoy nekkid PCBs or similar perversions :geek:

Panel 2 and panel 3@12HE must be the targets in line...



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