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My struggles...




This morning saw the panel components fitted to the paper copy of the panel in order to check the clearance around the knobs, switches and jacks. It looked promising and photos reside in a Canon somewhere. I hope to put those up later, plus a quick how-to for people using Front Panel Designer - there are some interesting tricks to discover.

Then came the time to fit the paper to the rack just below the MB-SEQ. Interesting! Somehow I figured the SEQ was 4U high, but it's only 3U! Guess the 4U came from the idea of SEQ plus outputs from the A-OUT being 4U. It doesn't exactly help that we had already placed the AOUT jacks on the rack panel for the modular... :whistle: So, there's now a full HE more to fill up with interesting gear. A clock module plus clock dividers will round out panel one nicely.

This means that rack 2 now has tons of space to spare for the future modules. Plus that I should get back to finishing the MB-6582 I started on earlier this fall. There's a front panel in there too :frantics:



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