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Modular mania




Finally mounted all the PCBs on one of the 2 more or less identical modulars we're building over at the labs. I made some 2cm (0.787 inches if you prefer mongoloid units of measurement) thick strips of brass. Those were perforated with a 10mm hole so that they can sit between the pots and the front panel, then I added a small hole for the M3 screw that fixes it all in place. 2 strips per card ends up in too much metal shop for my liking but the end result is surprisingly sturdy.

We opted for using lots of internal (in-panel) wiring as there are enough wires flying to and from the panel as is. The method of mounting the PCBs for all the modules near their panel space made for short cable runs.

Now we ended up with one modular with an almost finished pre-wired front panel, one where all the synth PCBs sit where they should. Add the cabinet holding the PSU, add the MB-SEQ PCBs in the top panel of the cabinet, debug beyond the basic short/continuity tests done and we should get some tunage. Grr, it's a long trip but I see the train headlights emerging at the end of the tunnel!

Basically, the mechanical (BORING!) aspects of it all takes up nearly the same time as the electronics. Le sigh... But, it will make weird sounds soon whistle.png


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