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My next step was to build a working core (lpc17) with some DINs and DOUTs. After some troubles ... I succeded.

I am really astonished, this device is the least troublesome device I have encountered so far. No extra drivers, just plug and play, and the controller can be unlugged and reconnected while traktor is running, no crash, not even a lag!

By the way, the midibox-site is really awesome and must be really a lot of work, so thanks to everyone and especially Thorsten!

A pic of my core with a DIN and a DOUT, even got a display for it...



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I'm in complete agreement with you re: MidiBox. I'm amazed at the quality of both the gear and the community. I'm pretty new around here too, and am enjoying the whole thing.

Looks like good progress... what kind of enclosure will you put it in?

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I have a wooden box and a selfmade aluminium frontplate. I have already done a bit more than I wrote, I'm working for about a month on this project, but I only started blogging... =). But I'm trying to fix this today.

Greetings geth

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