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  1. Hi hawkeye,

    could you tell me what vfd you used on the seq v4 please .

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    2. borfo


      For the record, Noritake CU40025-uw6j VFDs also work.  http://noritake-vfd.com/cu40025-uw6j.aspx

    3. Hawkeye


      And i would totally recommend the Noritakes! The Futabas might not be entirely compatible regarding timing. I managed to get them working in the end, but performed some display driver hacking back then, many years ago, it should be documented in the build thread... :-)

    4. borfo


      The Noritake "just works"...  And they are nice looking VFDs.  That website always has a selection of them on sale pretty cheap - the 40x2 displays go on sale for around $25-30 every once in a while.


  2. Cheers, very nice VFD on your MB.
  3. I bought a Red LCD, when i plugged it in i discovered it was Orange?, tried a BLUE and Green screen but rather liked the Orange. The pots were a chance find on e-bay, i love the industrial look of them.
  4. Originally put normal LED's in but, decided to remove them and go for flat cylindrical ones (better).
  5. Finally got round to taking a couple of pic's, i love the sound of this synth, the step sequencer and mod matrix are fantastic. Really well documented, impressed with the quality of the MidiBox projects.
  6. I finished my MB-6582 about 3 weeks ago and had this exact problem, but chose to just use CTRL to mess around with it while i figured it out. I can not believe all i had to do is twiddle the contrast pot a bit!!
  7. Did you put the sid on e bay? Cheers.
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