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  1. New LIVID ui board
  2. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    Also, just noticed these SDcard errors in the startup log, I can move this discussion to another thread if I am cluttering this thread with useless troubleshooting... :thumbsup: Silly me, I plugged in a different Synth (sammichSID) and it works! Must be an issue with my other synth, THANKS TK!!!! This just work now, awesome...
  3. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    Thanks for the help TK! I created the /SESSIONS/DEFAULT/MBSEQ_C.V4 file manually with the one value you noted. After that I proceeded with what the change log says. Still not working on MIDI out 1 sadly, but you've giving me some more info as to what needs to be configured, so I thank you greatly for this education. I will play with this some more and see if I can get it working.
  4. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    I took the mini SDcard adapter route, because I really would like to in the end not attach a computer to this setup. I had a 4GB & 16GB FAT32 card around the house to try. For some reason, not all the files are able to be created on my SDcard? (Tried both). I will reformat the 4GB one and see if that has a different result. When I remove the mini SDcard and look at the root I see MBSEQ_BM.V4 & MBSEQ_GC.V4, but no MBSEQ_C.V4. Apologies if I am doing something stupid :whistle:
  5. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    So I loaded "MIDIbox SEQ V4.058" on my LPC17 with no sequencer or anything, just the core, not even an SD card. I power up the core and get the ip address from DHCP: IP address: <- My core IP to use in Lemur I then set the following in MIOS studio per the change log. set osc_remote 3 ->my iPad set osc_local_port 3 8000 set osc_remote_port 3 8000 set osc_mode 3 1 set blm_port OSC3 store Start the Lemur app and it connects and I can hit Start/Stop or keyboard mode and I can see the MIDI commands input into MIOS console. Now how do I route this to the MIDI output of my core to my synth? Do I need to set router X in MIOS or do I do this in Lemur? MIOS console: [10845.754] Init DHCP [10845.853] [network_device_init] PHY initialized [10847.453] [network_device_init] link speed determined [10847.553] [network_device_init] link available [10847.772] [uIP_TASK] IP address: [10847.772] [uIP_TASK] Netmask: [10847.772] [uIP_TASK] Default Router (Gateway): [10847.773] [uIP_TASK] Got DNS server [10847.773] [uIP_TASK] Lease expires in 72 hours [10861.010] set osc_remote 3 [10861.014] Set OSC3 Remote address to [10867.290] set osc_local_port 3 8000 [10867.294] Set OSC3 Local port to 8000 [10873.426] set osc_remote_port 3 8000 [10873.430] Set OSC3 Remote port to 8000 [10878.033] set osc_mode 3 1 [10878.035] Set OSC3 transfer mode to 1: Text Msg (Integer) [10883.226] set blm_port OSC3 [10883.228] BLM port set to OSC3 [10887.954] store [10887.956] [sEQ_FILE_G] Failed to open/create config file, status: -11 [10887.956] [sEQ_FILE_C] Failed to open/create config file, status: -11 [10887.956] [sEQ_FILE_BM] Failed to open/create config file, status: -11 [10887.956] [sEQ_FILE_BM] Failed to open/create config file, status: -11 [10887.957] [sEQ_FILE_GC] Failed to open/create global config file, status: -11 [10887.957] Failed to store session on SD Card: /SESSIONS/DEFAULT
  6. MBBLM on iPad via Lemur

    Do I need a full SeqV4 lite to try this or can I do anything with just a LPC17 core? Just finished a core :)
  7. Power over Ethernet to LPC17

    So I finished my first LPC17, but I have another one almost finished and I was wondering, could I remove jumper J17 and wire pins J1 to the MagicJAck Ethernet somehow to use power over ethernet? That way I could just use one cable to my synthesizers to send MIDI data to and eliminate the USB or external power. Something similar to this but standard PoE:
  8. Problem while building my LPC 17

    Well I am a little ahead of you, but it is actually very simple. From the build page: Note that USB Power Jumper J17 has to be removed when the core is supplied externally via J1! Plug in the USB cable, and mount the "USB Power" jumper on J17. Measure 3.3V between GND and the 3.3V supply pins to the LPCXPRESSO module. Here is the LPCxpresso schematic in this PDF: You are looking for VIN, I believe it is J6_2 on the LPCxpresso board. Any ground should do.
  9. possile 9090 parts groupbuy

    Received the parts, this will be a busy busy one :)
  10. LCD J15 port on MBHP CORE LPC17

    Awesome, that makes perfect sense. Thanks TK! Just need to order a screen and attach my ARM board and I am complete!
  11. Let`s go for my first midibox DIY - BLM

    With regards to a BLM & BLM Scalar PCB. Find bhudda started a bunch of good work here (and already corrected his mistakes): I was working on a proper BLM Full PCB without the center gap based on his design I posted here: Your welcome to use those for your PCB design, we used KiCad and I want to help however I can because well, I want a BLM too!!! :)
  12. Network & Midi and Android

    Thanks for posting this.
  13. LCD J15 port on MBHP CORE LPC17

    I know the MBHP CORE LPC17 build guide mentions this, but I just wanted to confirm. What exact orientation does my J15 header go in? Pin 1 is bottom right on the PCB from SmashTV, but the header itself says Pin 1 is bottom left if the keying is facing down. See picture below: Almost done with my first core!!!
  14. MB-SEQ V3/V4 Control Surface PCB and matching case

    Added myself to the list...
  15. possile 9090 parts groupbuy

    Added myself to the list, thanks!