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  1. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    TK! Your simply the best. Faders are now working as they should! No Workarround is needed with this version. The only thing that still keeps me thinking is why the core do not querry? i can acces the files with the file browser...and notes are recived as usual.   Well for the Moment i am more than happy. Even the Motorfader Problem seems to be solved. Need to test that out more but im confident. Thank you again for your great support!   Best regards Alex
  2. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    So, before the Update i used 1.023.   and here ist my AIN Config   # Fader # Master/Timefader AIN enable_mask=110000 AIN pinrange=1:50:4000 AIN pinrange=2:50:4000 EVENT_AIN hw_id=1 type=NoteOn chn=10 key=21 range= 0:127 ain_mode=Direct EVENT_AIN hw_id=2 type=NoteOn chn=10 key=22 range= 0:127 ain_mode=Direct
  3. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    Ok, so with AIN i mean the 8 Analog Ports on the Core. I dont have connected the unused Pins to Ground but they are disabled by the AIN Mask in the NGC File. From the Manual i have configured everything right for the AIN Ports. before the update i didnt had any issues with the AINs so i assume that it isnt a hardware bug.   maybe there is something broken on the core because i cant get the core to querry properly as it did before the update. I Will try on. Shame this happens now got a important gig on weekend. but this is how it goes,.   Best regards Alexander
  4. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

      No when i have the "fc" issue and then unplugg the MF_NG Modules it doenst make a change. Also when i start the core without the MF_NG Modules and the connect them there ist no "fc" issue. Just when i start the core together with the MF_NG Modules i get the issue. (Sorry observation is a bit confusing...need to calm down and do it step by step and dont rush forward)   Best regards Alex
  5. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    Ok, so i use the latest version of MIOS Studio. I have selected the first Midi In and the first Midi Out as usual.   The analog inputs dont send random midi events as if they are not connected. When i move the fader up i ge a midi note with velocity 2 or 1 or 3 (just one) and when i move it down i get a note off.   What do you say about the fc issue?   Best regards Alex
  6. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    ok when i start the Core with the MF_NG Modules Connected it falls into the "fc" loop. So i guess that is the issue...   And the command send by you stops the "fc" loop   But i still cannot querry the core ...
  7. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    Well now i dont get any "fc" send anymore (switched to 1.030 again) ... but now theres nothing coming from the core anymore on the midi input side of mios studio...   ok well it doesnt detect the core anymore but when i press a button this is send out by the core. And when i acces the files on the sd card this also works fine. Everything is a bit confusing...   The AINs are still not working properly. Is there a IC on the core that could be broken?
  8. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    I think it is send withot any delay (or as fast as mios studio can display it). With the older version ive got the problem that my AINs on my core dont work anymore. But it also can be it has damaged something on the core for whatever reason... I got a broken fuse in my powersupply circuit so maybe there is an ic down or something similar. :/ the rest is working ok now. (with 1.015)   the feedback theorie is a good point but there ist no other mididevice hooked up to the pc and the core. I unplugged the MF_NG Modules which doesnt made any cahnges.   Would it be possible to get a previous version ? before 1.030   best regards Alexander
  9. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    ok, so a few minutes ago i ran the whole setup with an earlyer version of midibox ng without a problem except the motorfaderproblem i decribed in another thread. Than i decided to do the update to the latest version. I loaded the hex file into MIOS Studio and uploaded it to the core. the core restarts the core is detected as usbaudiogerät 1-4 and suddenly i got just an "fc" on all ports (usbaudiogerät 1-4) continuosly ... after a few minutes mios studio crashes. (The USB Audiogerät thingy is normal it cant be the issue)   I got back into bootploader hold mode now tried to upload it again -> same problem .ngc configuration cannot be the problem i assume. The MIOS Studio doesnt detect the core anymore as i try to run in with midibox_NG (querry Window) it do detect the bootloader. Setup is a normal Module chain. But i guess the problem is much earlier in the setup at the core... unplugging the chain or the mf_NG Modules (MIDI PORT 2 I/O) doenst help.   best regards Alex   Ok, i digged out an old Version of NG (1.015) uploaded it... now i can acces the core again but my directly to the core connected Faders are sending out random events. cannot tell were that comes from now... it worked fine before. Will keep on troubleshooting.
  10. MIDIbox NG V1.030 update issues

    Well i updated due to the issues i have with my motorfaders. I loaded the project.hex into mios studio and transfered it. But as the midibox restarts it doenst detect it anymore and i just recieve  "fc" at port 1. What is wrong? I have manually repowered the core that doesnt help. Would be glad if you can give me an advise how to fix it.   Best regards Alexander
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hey guys, its me again. Sine function is working properly. So if you could help me with the forwarding setup i would really apreciate that...   When i have this config how do i need to configure the single modules?   LP17Core OUT -> MF_NG 1 IN/ MF_NG 1 OUT -> MF_NG 2 IN/ MF_NG 2 OUT -> LP17Core IN   all connections are made of PSK Contacts and 3 Wire unshielded Cables.   BEst regards Alexander
  12. Project: MA4PC a Midibased Lighting Controller

    Sneak and Peak Preview of the remade Profil Housing! I'm very proud to anounce that the Project has come to an end so far... Just some Software fixes are made and than i will get a big flightcase to carry it arround to my gigs! Hugh Thanks to all of you who supported me. Especially Christian who though me almost everything about Midibox etc. Hope that we will see his Lighting desk run soon too :smile:.   Best regards Alexander