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  1. SeqV4 schematics

    Is there a schematic for the control surface available somewhere? I'd love to make my own panel with other switch types.
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    is the seq supposed to reload patterns while playing? On my unit when I load another pattern while it is a MIDI slave the SeqV4L gets out of sync and runs a step behind the other tracks.
  3. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    001 taximan pcb case 002 blatboy pcb case parts 003 Macotronic pcb case 004 lukas412 pcb case parts 005 Hawkeye pcb case parts 006 u-link pcb case 007 nebula pcb case 008 synaptech pcb case parts 009 Phatline pcb 010 gidien pcb 011 Karg pcb case parts? 012 doc007 pcb case parts? 013 Richie pcb(x2) case parts 014 arumblack pcb case? parts 015 pat_00 pcb case parts 016 monokinetic pcb case parts? 017 weigu pcb case parts 018 enron_hubbard pcb parts case 019 Elektruck pcb case parts? 020 EsotericLabs pcb case parts? 021 derkollo pcb case parts? 022 slo pcb case parts? 023 dm3 pcb case parts? 024 echopraxia pcb case parts 025 modulator pcb 026 tb323 pcb case parts 027 gohan2a pcb 028 comboy pcb case parts?  
  4. SeqV4 schematics

    ok I also found this   but the matrix description confuses me. from the look of the matrix I'd say D4 to D7 are used for the duo colour LEDs, but the table states D0 to D3 are used. I guess the labels on the table are mixed up!?
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    I have to wait a little bit to try it out since I managed to somehow fry the LPC board while trying to use a normal power supply instead of USB. :(   Don't know what happened yet, but I measure a short between GND and 3.3V since I attached my 9V wallwart plug to J1. Now I regrett soldering the LPC directly to the board without female connectors :(
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    by the way. The BOM on the v4l site states you need 64 diodes, but I think 48 are enough ;)
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    just finished building a V4L today :) first I got really erratic behaviour with hanging notes and corrupted midi messages on the midi input. It turned out the sequencer did not like one of my usb PSUs from my mobile phone. :-p with another one (or powered by my laptop) it is working better.   I still got problems tough. sometimes, especially when recording chords, I got pitch bend messages recorded but I did not touch the pitch wheel. this happens with 2 different midi keyboards and I can't hear the pitch bend while I play the note, it only appears when the sequencer arrives at the recorded notes again. Just like the seq is adding them by itself :unsure:   then I got the feeling the clock divider (using the tempo button) does only affect the note track. pitch bend messages seem to be unaffected by it. For example:   -divider set to 4th (GP5) - I record 4 notes to steps 1,5,9,13 - I record a small pitch bend movement after step 1 - the same pitch bend movement is repeated after all steps   user error on my side or a bug?   besides that I like it so far :)
  8. ressurecting my old Seq

    Hello fellow midiboxers.   I decided to resurect my old Midibox sequencer (I suppose V2... the bootscreen says MIOS1.7). I've built it years ago, but haven't used it for a very long time since I have been doing most of my sequencing with the computer. Now I'm slowly returning to hardware and could use it again. :)   It was one of my early DIY projects, so there are some repairs needed.   One display broke down for whatever reason and I had to find out that a lot of the DT6 buttons do not work reliably anymore :(   The CS was mostly build out of veroboard. By now I would prefer a sturdy single PCB solution for the front. Especially since I will have to rebuild a lot of it due to the non working buttons.   Are the Seq CS PCBs still available via smashTVs shop? The Page only states "sold out, new batch expected in november" But since we already have december I'm not sure how up to date this page is.   Also, is there any way to still get one of the nice enclosures? If I start to rebuild the sequencer I would prefer a good looking metal enclosure to my bulky wooden box I use at the moment. ;) Otherwise I think I'll have to go with a 19" case and a new schäffer frontpanel.   best regards, comboy