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  1. Technobreath's Poll

    Great move, Technobreath. At least you admit you have a problem. That's the first thing to do! Make a schedule for meals, according to your usual one, excluding snacks. Put that paper somewhere you see eat easily and respect that. If you feel you need to give a job to your teeth get some seeds, like nuts, almonds, cajuns and stuff like that and you solve the problem. At the same time you will be feeding your body with healthy fat, that also helps on loosing weight.
  2. Technobreath's Poll

    I weight/eye measure everything I eat since 2003, E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. except Sundays and 1 week on Summer Holidays. At the point you are now, it should be very easy to loose 0.5kg per week. You just have to take out one or two table spoons of carbs each meal. As your body adapts you will not feel that need for that bigger quantities as before. Mind that I didn't mention food changes for now. The simpler aproach to change food choices is: Eat the thing in their closest natural state possible. I don't mean that you should start eating everything raw (lol), just meaning you should avoid processed stuff, like sausages, ham, ice-cream, fried stuff... Well, enough for today.
  3. Technobreath's Poll

    Technobreath, if you let me I can give you some hints on how to start loosing some nice Kg, BUT (Shit, those "buts" are not cool), you'll have to have the will for that. Edit: I forgot you already are following a plan with PT. Sorry.
  4. Arrived today, which was fast. Have I already said how fast that was? 1 day from Germany to Portugal. Yeah, thats fast. Oh, and Thanks TK
  5. Isn't this wiki page taken into account? http://www.midibox.o...k_gm5_bulkorder ? In case it does, It seems that the numbers are achieved, right? And what about the pcbs, are there minimuns that I am not finding now? If it's OK, let's go for it! I'm in. Cheers, Joao
  6. Technobreath's Poll

    Good job technobreath, I'm a bodybuilder and I can tell you that the key is consistency. ;)
  7. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Soldering started.
  8. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    I know that we can only use 4 UARTs, but would it be worthewile (Or feasible) to add a core 8 (I suppose by CAN) to sum the 2 extra IIC Midi Modules I need, or is there another solution for this? For now I can use the 4 UARTs plus the USB ports, once that one of my machines is a Kurzweil PC3K and the other is a Roland Fantom XR,both of them with USB midi. The problem is for future, once that I (Who does ? :) ) don't think to stop my GAS for ever :)
  9. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Thanks, TK.
  10. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Doing my homework, while I don't get my hands on the solder iron, I'm trying to make a start on the software part of the project. I'm trying to understand this IIC address thing. I know I have to have one IIC.asm per IIC Midi Module, so the first one would be IIC_DEVICE_ADDRESS EQU 0x10. What would be the other ones: 0x12, 0x14, 0x16? What about the other 2 Midi I/O's of the core? And the physical assignation we need to put on J3 pin's. Is there any special procedure for that? I'm absolutely sure that those doubts are answered somewhere in the Wiki, but it is a matter of security, not leasyness, as I am very new to this Microcontroller/PCB/C/Assembly thing.
  11. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    All parts in da house! :flowers: Let's try to get some 25 hour days to have time to put my hands on the job.
  12. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Forget that. :thumbsup: Just flashed it again with no fuzz now: 3 beautifull fadings + 1 off + continuous on. Go figure. I'm good (lol) :super:
  13. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Hi my friends. While i'm waiting for the rest of the parts to come, i'm reading and doing the work I can with the parts I already have with me. So, to start I'm trying to flash the bootloader for the lpc17, by following the tutorial in The problem is that the LED on the LPCXpresso doesn't change from 2 to 3 flashes after I disconnect the usb cable and reconnect it. What am I missing?
  14. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    I'll consider your advice, Zossen. :hug: Thanks
  15. 6x6 Midi Router CORE_LPC17 based

    Thanks Hawkeye ;)