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  1. Build Guide: MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    Great to see your build in such great details! :).
  2. 4 Channels vs. 2 Channels

    Go for it! Be aware of the complexity it will include programming this and also the skills it takes to design it. You have no experience with fm programming? I encourage you to learn this before you plan too much. Basically u are strating in the wrong end if u like this to happen. Many questions will answer itself as you study fm synthesis and mios system and the apps. I wish you luck, but the people here are mostly all about mios cores so I wouldn't expect too much effort in helping reinventing wheels. There are some skilled people here that can do all this, and if you are one of them - we will see :-) Good luck.
  3. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    @Sauraen Hi. This was really a thing born out of a question from Smithy if I could help him out and show him howto build a wooden case, and if he is the only one wanting one, I figured it wouldn't make much sense spending much time on it. I also doubt that "designing" a case is necessary for this community :) - It is just a fancy word. Woodwork is second nature to me, so I call it building a box :D. The case isn't really a design. It is a drawing to show how a wooden version of your case can be put together. :). But, there are many people who find what I call basic and simple woodworking a challenge, and might not know how and where to start, what materials to use, and if they build a wooden box making sure they secure the PCBs on a dead surface like aluminium etc. Because of this, it is extremely important that if I make some build plans for this, that it is as simple and straight forward as it can possibly be. I appreciate you pointing your fingers to this issue, but don't worry, Building this box is as straight forward as it gets. As for the hiding screws :) Some thinks it's important, some don't. This box you can do both. It's really just a matter if you install the sidepanels or not :). Smithy set the standard for me to follow on this one - The terms were that it should be possible to build with simple hand tools, like a battery drill and a regular handsaw plus something to cut the alu plates if you need to (also handsaw with proper blade) - you know all about this of course ;).. I take it for granted that people know how to use sandpaper to finish up the thing a bit afterwards and also know how to operate a spraycan of paint if u want to paint it hehe - if not - youtube. If still not able to do it - u have no business doing it hehehe. You're right, there's no reason why people should limit their cases to exactly how you did it. But it is a good and practical case you got there, so it is not a bad idea to have woodplans for similar case on the forum. But people do whatever they like. Since I promised to help Smithy out with this, I figured that I might as well let others also have the plans I make for it. When I design cases, it is far more complex designs than this (but that's just me taking at least as much pride in the designing of the system as actually owning and using it hehe). I usually go for wooden models which can then become finished products made from plastic or fiberglass with the help of epoxy casts and clay etc. As for the logo I slapped on there :D - Have you seen Jugde Dredd? "I knew you'd say that!" - Hehehehe. I meant nothing else by it than to show what the case was all about. I didn't expect anyone to think twice about it. It was just something I slapped on there last minute in photoshop because I thought the showpiece lacked graphical hmmm details hehe (while I thought - yeah that looks cool) :D. It was most certainly not my intention to step on your toes in any way - you were very polite about it hehe. But of course I expect the proper logo to be used, it's not like I am the creator of it. The thing about spending time on a project that is not mine. First - I don't spend as much time on this as you might think hehe. The second thing is that I've been around midiboxland in one form or another since forever way back, and I don't know how it works these days, but back then one of the major strenghts of this community was contributing where u can, willingness to help others out with whatever you could help out with etc. So that's why when my good buddy Smithy ask me for help, I say of course!! :). I asked you for the dimensions of things and your thoughts on your own case design and system design really because I need to make sure that when I contribute with something as "important" (understand that correctly) thing as a case - it need to fit the things that are going inside it hehe :) - it would be very bad to make someone build a case from my plans just to find out it doesn't work at all. Anyway - this post has become FAAAR longer than I planned for. Just wanted to clarify my role in this, and clarify what this fancy case design shit was all about :).
  4. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    Here's a draft of the idea me and Smithy has been discussing. An all wooden case. Since it is wood, the idea was to put an alu plate inside where you want to mount the PCBs (wood is more or less alive - I was thinking either MDF or plywood). Those are illustrated with blue panels in there. With this design you can hide all mounting screws (except the ones on the CS panel itself - I can't do anything about that - and I just praise the powers that Sauraen didn't do a JB-Weld like experiment with that - because frankly that sucks, and is not robust enough). The only thing I can think of that would make a surface virtually free of screws (like professional system designs mostly look like) would be if you TIG weld alu standoffs to the panel itself in the correct place - and to be totally clear - TIG welding is not for everyone to do correctly, and also it is not for everyone to own or have access to these tools :) - so better stick to the through hole screws. If this is something the people think is interesting, I can do a model in exploded view with all parts and dimensions and building tips. Even tho I have had a job in the tech business the last 10 years old - a carpenter is what I'm am in my heart :). If you guys want this, I can spend some time doing this for you, so there is an alternative to the sorta special case Sauraen uses. By the way, I have a buddy that owns a large sheetmetal shop, and I talked to him about replicating these cases with sheetmetal. He said, for large quantities, no problem to do it cheap, but for such low quantities, it is not worth the effort. You gotta pay a guy there to make a CAD drawing of it, and then some hours of work in the metal shop. So at least here in Norway, it will not make any sense to offer a custom case made from metal. It is just too expensive. Now, if someone absolutely want that, and are willing to pay, we will fix this too, but it will be a rather foolish thing to waste money on :). Besides - wood is modern nowdays :P. What do you guys think about this? Something I should invest some hours in? If there is absolutely no interest for it, I see no point in doing it, so give me a hint if you would be interested in building one please :). And please, I am open for suggestions to the design of it. It is a bit hard to design a case for something I don't have in my hands, so input is most welcome :).
  5. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    Technobreath too lazy to read all details in the wiki :P lol. Good, good.
  6. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    @Sauraen - can you provide dimensions of the PCBs in the back mounted vertical? + how deep the CS PCB is from the back of the CS alu plate - basically the height of the standoffs + PCB - is it standard 1.6mm PCB? I'm fishing for if the PCB sandwitch (within the given dimensions) can be mounted horizontally.
  7. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    Hi. I appreciate the metric. Thanks. I'll get right to it :).
  8. Board availability

    Tim, my friend! :). Good luck!! - You have done well :) Thank you.
  9. Hi. I'm considering selling my set of unused set of panels - top and rear - for the MB6582. It's been a long time since I had a look at them, but I think it's the matte black with white engraving. Purchased from julianf bitd. I'm investigating the possibility to make my own design, as I want a bigger surface. I had have used the panels only for trying them on the CS PCB. So they are in "as new" condition. I'm just checking out here now if there is any interest for it - and if there is, I might consider selling them. I don't want to be rude when it comes to price, but I think the panels are worth their original price - I paid 80GBP for the set. Considering they are unused I want those 80gbp for it, but I am willing to make deals if needed :). I could probably throw in the CS PCB also, which is mostly finished when it comes to soldering, but I was unlucky and used some bad components, and it needs extensive work to function (the tact knobs are sadly mostly defective). And I'm not willing to spend the time to fix it. Let me know if there's any interest for it, and we'll see how it goes :). I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.
  10. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    This triggers my interest... Congratulations Sauraen (and Smithy) for being responsible for getting me at least temporary out of my cave for this :). I have been considering building a MBFM, and I even have some of the key components laying around from bitd, but this is really more interesting.
  11. RGB encoders w/ switch bulk. CANCELLED

    I might be interested, but gonna wait it out a bit longer (yeah usefull answer :P) :D
  12. MB-6582 PCBs

    if something is to be said about smashtv and his business, it is that 1. He will not let you down 2. The products are very high quality 3. He is an awesome guy 4. If u didn't get an email reply it is because he has been way too busy making arrangements for your stuff to arrive as fast as possible. 5. Support is extraordinary if u have a problem as I know of nobody else who takes that much pride in what he do. I have nothing bad to say about him.
  13. Let's buy TK a ridiculous amount of beer for Xmas

    Merry Christmas Thorsten, and have a happy new year! Enjoy your ten beers from me! I am currently not active here since house renovation takes up way more time than I appreciate. This is my way of saying it has been fun, useful and I have learnt a lot during my many years being a midibox, and this community is the reason I became a happy nerd hehe. Thanks a lot for that hehe. It is also my way of saying I Will be back as soon as possible and that I believe in this project more than ever. Again, have a happy new year :-) Tbreath
  14. As some of u have noticed, I'm rarely inside here these days. This is not because I am tired of you guys, or think less of midibox. It's simply because I am in the process of selling my current house, and moving into my grandma's old house (she died a month ago) - this means a lot of work. Extensions, + total renovation of the old part of the house. I'll be on IRC when I can, and show up here from time to time, but for a time now, I'll be busy with house stuff :).

  15. GM5 Chip Interest Page: possible bulk order if we get 250

    Syntherella, you need to add yourself  to the list here :). http://www.midibox.o...d=siliconheaven