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  1. Sold to CJ55. Thank you very much for a pleasant deal. If there was a seller/buyer feedback system here like Ebay, I would say Fast payment. No bs at all. No communication troubles. Would be happy to deal with you again any time!
  2. Hey. See screenshot I made from a bank's currency conversion calculator. I strongly recommend that you choose the tracked shipping option, as there will be no security for your investment if something were to happen to the shipment or it "disappears" during transit. The package is packed up and ready to go today, as soon as everything is in order. It is approx. 600g. We can take this further in PM since it will involve more sensitive info. Also if you have any wished to what is to be written on the package to make it simpler for the infamous German zoll, let me know. I'd rather not
  3. Thank you for that. As I usually dont send stuff abroad and have no estimate right now, I will need you to give me tomorrow to package it up and have a price for you then. I'll get back here as soon as it is done.
  4. Yo! See picture. Finally decided to part with a way-too-long-ongoing project. A little history about this piece of crap... I started this project many years ago. I was gonna have a SID synthesizer, and I was gonna have the best SID synthesizer. So I bought the sexy junk in the attached picture. Full of energy, I started to put this together. This was finally going to happen. But as it usually works - sometimes life takes some turns here and there that is not exactly planned for. Suddenly, there was kids. Then a larger old house (piece-of-shit) suddenly was mine - or rather the bank's :D heh
  5. Great to see your build in such great details! :).
  6. Go for it! Be aware of the complexity it will include programming this and also the skills it takes to design it. You have no experience with fm programming? I encourage you to learn this before you plan too much. Basically u are strating in the wrong end if u like this to happen. Many questions will answer itself as you study fm synthesis and mios system and the apps. I wish you luck, but the people here are mostly all about mios cores so I wouldn't expect too much effort in helping reinventing wheels. There are some skilled people here that can do all this, and if you are one of th
  7. @Sauraen Hi. This was really a thing born out of a question from Smithy if I could help him out and show him howto build a wooden case, and if he is the only one wanting one, I figured it wouldn't make much sense spending much time on it. I also doubt that "designing" a case is necessary for this community :) - It is just a fancy word. Woodwork is second nature to me, so I call it building a box :D. The case isn't really a design. It is a drawing to show how a wooden version of your case can be put together. :). But, there are many people who find what I call basic and simple woodwork
  8. Here's a draft of the idea me and Smithy has been discussing. An all wooden case. Since it is wood, the idea was to put an alu plate inside where you want to mount the PCBs (wood is more or less alive - I was thinking either MDF or plywood). Those are illustrated with blue panels in there. With this design you can hide all mounting screws (except the ones on the CS panel itself - I can't do anything about that - and I just praise the powers that Sauraen didn't do a JB-Weld like experiment with that - because frankly that sucks, and is not robust enough). The only thing I can think of that woul
  9. Technobreath too lazy to read all details in the wiki :P lol. Good, good.
  10. @Sauraen - can you provide dimensions of the PCBs in the back mounted vertical? + how deep the CS PCB is from the back of the CS alu plate - basically the height of the standoffs + PCB - is it standard 1.6mm PCB? I'm fishing for if the PCB sandwitch (within the given dimensions) can be mounted horizontally.
  11. Hi. I appreciate the metric. Thanks. I'll get right to it :).
  12. Tim, my friend! :). Good luck!! - You have done well :) Thank you.
  13. Hi. I'm considering selling my set of unused set of panels - top and rear - for the MB6582. It's been a long time since I had a look at them, but I think it's the matte black with white engraving. Purchased from julianf bitd. I'm investigating the possibility to make my own design, as I want a bigger surface. I had have used the panels only for trying them on the CS PCB. So they are in "as new" condition. I'm just checking out here now if there is any interest for it - and if there is, I might consider selling them. I don't want to be rude when it comes to price, but I think the
  14. This triggers my interest... Congratulations Sauraen (and Smithy) for being responsible for getting me at least temporary out of my cave for this :). I have been considering building a MBFM, and I even have some of the key components laying around from bitd, but this is really more interesting.
  15. I might be interested, but gonna wait it out a bit longer (yeah usefull answer :P) :D
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