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  1. Hi, I have a complete MidiSeq v4 Lite for sale if interested. All you need is a box. Reason being I cannot work it out, don't know how to use it. I had NO SUPPORT FROM NO ONE ON THIS FORUM. It felt like I was trying to get some secrets from these guys here... After 5 years or so I managed to build mine... Now, there is no manual available for this, I cannot find any... A 1.5Mb pic cannot be loaded either...This sucks... not even able to load a picture... contact me via email if you are interested dubld68@yahoo.co.uk
  2. Hi everybody, I bought the PCBs and the parts for this project a while ago...I have completed the project but the sequencer does not work... :(((( All the LEDS power up in some sort of sequence and then they switch off in a particular order...then DEAD! Is there something I am doing? Wrong? Is there some initialization procedure? Can you guys help me? The programmed board is fine, I checked it and it says it is OK. I would be willing to pay for someone to have a look at it... I am not sure if the ribbon cables are right...but since ALL LEDS light up it means is Ok isn't it? Please co
  3. Thanks Paul, although I have done this I think... Hi mate, I was not aware I gotta ask for permission to sell this! Anyway I took it off ebay because I do not want to sell it really, I want to make it work and keep it!
  4. Hi, I definitely don't want to sell this, as I have built it myself without any help, and since all LEDs are working, the core seems to be spot on, the software shows that everything is loaded perfectly why shouldn't I try and make it work and actually use it? It is a nice sequencer and I had many sequencers in my life (COTK Ratchet Sequencer,Genoqs Octopus- SOLD for £ 1500, Klee sequencer- SOLD for £ 800 Korg SQ-10, Quasimidi Cyber 6, Roland JSQ-60- SOLD for £ 165, Roland MC-4B- SOLD for £ 700, Roland OP-8- SOLD for £ 200, Roland MSQ-700- SOLD for £ 289, Ryk 185 sequencer, seqSQUAR
  5. Hi everybody, I have managed to build my MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite sequencer, and when I power it up via USB the LEDS light up in some sort of sequence (all of them) then it just dies. Meaning the LEDs are all off! I have checked and the software loads up correctly. The only thing I can think of is that I have used some thin HDD multiwire which is thinner than the normal HDD multiwire cables. Can anyone help me? Is there a way to check this? Like some testing procedure, etc. Is there anyone in the UK to help me with this? If not, who can help me please? In Germany, Holland, etc. I would give
  6. Hi Thorsten, First of all I want to thank you for your help and tell you how much I appreciate your and Christian's help! Second, I would really need your help in order to build this, as I have never built or programmed a THING! Third, I would be interested to have the CV outs (how many are they?) and the 2 gate outs so I can drive my modular synths, etc. Thank you in advance!
  7. can I have the design for the acrylic panel? I cannot seem to get a design from anybody else... Formulor in Germany told me the svg file put by someone up here in the forum is not good enough... lucadean@yahoo.co.uk
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