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  1. What does the Wavetable effect exactly?

    Not sure if this applies here, but normally in a synth a wavetabe contains the waveforms that the synth can use in it´s oscillators. So rather than calculating a sine or triangle wave in a given frequency the waveform is played back from the wavetable at a sample rate specified by the desired pitch. The wavetable will contain many different waveforms that can be switched from one to the other by modulation parameters. At least that´s how as faar as i know the "classic" wavetable oscillator is working. Never built a MBFM, so it is possible that i am missleading you right now since wavetable is a term that can be used in different context.
  2. running core without optocoupler

    Thank you for your help! So in theory it would work? I am willing to take your advice, please don´t get me wrong. I just try to understand what is going on with this little device (and also, well, waiting time is the hardest time...) Why would connecting midi directly harm the pic under normal conditions? Is this common practice in digital systems whenever connecting to a device that does not share the same psu? The interface i am using is usb powered, so no voltage above 5v should be expected. On analog circuits it is common to wire a small resistance in series with the input jack, and Diodes from the input to the power line(s) to protect the first active element in the circuit. All voltages above operating level will be current limited by the resistor and shunted into the supply rail via the diode. This can, for example easily happen when 48v phantom power is applied and the blocking caps let through a small burst onto the first gain stage. Many opamps (and also digital chips?) already have these protection diodes built in. So small differences in signal level (two 5v psu will normally differ by a certain amount) can be tolerated. Would you consider this circuitry an alternative to be on the safe side if i wish to go on just now..? Or am i on the completely wrong track and we are not at all talking about overvoltage when looking at the purpose of the optocoupler? Of course if we are talking about comercial units every possible protection should be applied, since the user might be doing something unpredicted as he is not the engeneer. I once killed a friends novation bass station by feeding a 10v cv into the jack labled cv. The jack was not intended as a modulation input to connect to a modular synth. And it had no protection whatsoever...
  3. After inserting the optocoupler twisted 180° :cry: it stopped passing data. Untill i get a new one, can i just place a wire link across the socket, conecting the midi in directly to the PIC? As i understand it´s there to isolate the midi in so in case of some fault the PIC won´t be damaged. I would be willing to take that risk for the moment if that´s the only drawback.
  4. anyone using this programmer? K150 ICSP

    thanks, i´ll get one of those. In fact i was afraid the sell would tell me it works even though he doesn´t know. Ah, yes, 4620 was what i meant!
  5. This looks like a very cheap offer for a USB pic programmer. I was using a home made brenner5, but my new laptop has only usb ports. The PIC18f4520 for example is not included in the list shown in the ebay offer. I am wondering if it might just work all the same... Maybe someone knows this device, or can point me to another budget solution. I´m in germany. Thanks!
  6. SSM2164 - where did you get your VCA IC?

    i ordered mine from china via ebay (same price as your link). Shipping can take several weeks though...
  7. simple midi controlled dco with gate output for modular synth

    yes i have and it looks very interesting. But i assume that it will fade out the signal by itself when a key is released. For use with an envelope generator and analog vca it is necessary to have the waveform present at all times. The envelope will than fade out the sound, timed by it´s release control.
  8. Hello, I have been searching quite some time, reading about the various sound producing projects here. It is very exciting stuff! I am looking for a little code for a project i have in mind, and maybe someone here knows if it exists already... That would be great if you could point me to a link. It is supposed to put out a squarewave and gate signal, work together with analog voltage controlled envelope, Filter, VCA. The aim is to build a simple synth voice without the trouble of building a VCO and midi cv converter. What i have in mind is: A DCO based on a PIC that will output a square wave Voltage controlled PWM Voltage controlled pitch mod ? No idea if this is asking too much... Tuned by MIDI Square wave Output is always "on", playing the pitch of the last midi note. A gate signal is generated with any key pressed. That gate controls an envelope for the analog VCA. Sounds similar to something you have seen? Thanks!
  9. Newbie wanna build a "analog console" midi controller

    my first build. i had no idea about anything back then... it´ll work.
  10. control i/o routing on logic 9

    thats not what i´m after, i just want to controll those assignments in logic
  11. control i/o routing on logic 9

    Hello, unfortunately it is not possible in logic pro to assign midi controller to dial the available ins, or outs, ob busses to be used by the selected channel. I would find this extremly useful when taking an itb production and spreading it on the console. Or during tracking, to quickly and without a mouse select the input to be recorded from. That would be great, and i keep thinking if maybe there is a workaround to this problem. -Apple script, other automation software maybe???) I fear that this is, if possible at all, not very reliable. -microcontroller running modded logic/macki control software? I am not sure if these controllers can do the trick, if so this could be an option. So my question is, besides from if lc is able to control the i/o settings of a channel, Can the midibox lc software be used on a midibox that offers only these options? I need no faders, displays, transport functions... Just a dial to select and maybe a couple buttons to switch between ins, outs, busses, and what would be cool, also if it´s stereo or mono outs. Any idea?