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  1. Not yet - and I will admit I have no experience hacking this type of stuff. But ... I would pay to ship one to somebody who has experience with this sort of thing, and a reasonable prospect of getting it working with MIDIbox. (I may also check with suppliers to see if they have, or can get, documentation)
  2. The display is available through lots of suppliers now (Google "macbook touch bar replacement"), and Apple is still using them on MacBook Pros for the foreseeable future. They're cheap enough to buy spares, and in 10 years if you need one and they've become obsolete, you should able to find a used MacBook Pro very cheaply to scavenge one from. And I think the shape is too potentially useful to ignore!
  3. The thing stopping me from making a MIDIbox Logic Control has always been the lack of suitable commercially available displays. Has anybody ever considered trying the MacBook Pro touch bar? It's a 2170x60 colour graphical OLED, and it can be bought for around 30 dollars. Maybe it would be perfect for a scribble strip for 8 faders. I have no idea if data is available for this though.... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-NEW-A1706-Touch-Bar-for-Macbook-PRO-Retina-13-Inch-A1706-2016-Touchbar-Replacement/32821436004.html
  4. Hello Hybris, I made one of the first of these, using 8x 6582. A couple of thoughts I'd like to throw in: - I didn't use any LED standoffs. Never had any trouble. Just put the LEDs loosely in the PCB, then screw on the front panel ... carefully turn the assembly over and all the LEDs just kind of fall into the front panel holes. Get 'em snug and solder. The leads are fairly rigid and should hold them in place. - The front panel top-right "L / R" LEDs will collide with top right screw hole in the PT-10 case, so you need to grind a bit of it the plastic away. - The weakest part of
  5. The Juno-106 sure has had its share of problems. The voice chips started to fail way back in the 1980s. By the last 1990s / early 2000s, another component started to fail: It is the HPF slider. On the front panel, all of the sliders are 50 K pots, except for the HPF slider, which is a 4-position slide switch. They have all either oxidized or deteriorated internally, and so they're all failing! Technology Transplant has effectively recreated the slide pots, but no switch is available. Here is my idea: The pot form factor is VERY similar to the switch. In fact, it would be pre
  6. Rio: Why? The C64 power supply is a piece of shit. Use a cheap 5V switching wall wart that will be much smaller, will run cooler and be much more reliable.
  7. MIDIbox has been a big deal to me, for a long time. While I’ve built a few MIDIbox projects over the years, I always wanted to be a bigger contributor, and there has always been something in my life to stop me. Over the past few years my marriage has taken a big shit all over my life. I find myself with great ideas, only unable to fully realize them because of the amount of trouble in my life, particularly because I just couldn’t seem to get along with my wife. I am not suggesting for a moment that MIDIboxing should be more important to anybody than the sacred institution of marria
  8. Just to throw in my situation: I have a SEQ v4 board and a CORE32. My SEQ board is mostly built, but I don’t have a panel or an enclosure. I’m in for almost any case bulk order. I don’t really care whether it’s 17†or 19â€. In either case I would like a sloped enclosure, not just a flat rack. Even though I have a STM 32 core, I recognize that the future is LPC, so I don’t mind if the case doesn’t fit my STM 32. I will gladly build an LPC Core and find another use for my STM. My original order on the failed heidenrich bulk was for a natural aluminum case, which I ha
  9. Received in Toronto yesterday. That was unbelievably fast. Thanks!
  10. No joy in Toronto, Canada yet, but if Chicago just got them then I expect to receive by mid-week.
  11. It's nice to see some initiative taken with the original AOUT design. Years ago I bought a board manufactured to the original design (but with plated though holes - nice), and I managed to destroy it by getting overzealous with my mods. I also didn't like that there were some omissions on the original layout. So I would probably purchase one if you get some made, since I already have the SMT shunt and a couple 525's. Thanks for adding the 4 pin SIP header. I am concerned it is too close to the neighbouring IC though, as an IDC connector might collide with the DIP socket. I suggest you mov
  12. Back in my old C64 days, I actually replaced the 6581 in my machine a few times. The faint held notes were always one of the symptoms of a defective SID.
  13. You're right! I just looked at the MB-SID setup files and I couldn't find a debounce setting. But when I developed my MB-808 sequencer I remember looking at that ... from the Midibox 808 setup file we have this: ; ; debounce counter (see the function description of MIOS_SRIO_DebounceSet) ; Use 0 for high-quality buttons, use higher values for low-quality buttons #define DEFAULT_SRIO_DEBOUNCE_CTR 32 ... Since this is a MIOS function, I was wondering if you could (or should) add it to the MB-6582 setup.asm , but then I did some searching and found this: As of MIOS 1.9c there is
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