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  1. This might be a bit niche but I had a request which might make patch programming easier. Yamaha DX style synths have a feature when you can mute and unmute individual operators while programming patches. This is really handy if you want to for example just work on OP1+2 in F+F etc. In the OP screen would it be possible to add the following functionality  With OP selected on OP/INST button Hold [CFG] + Multiselect button 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 = mute OP 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 -> if op already muted, unmute to pre muted volume Hold [CFG] + OP/INST button = Unmute all OPs to premuted volume  Again really sorry if this is a super minor request but it might make programming a bit easier? Thanks!      
  2. A couple of very small ideas for the firmware.    1 slight tweak of the WT page.     At the moment this page is just a little confusing. At least for me. If you are using a smaller screen you cant see the CC and the values you are going to send on the same page. Also having the values before the CC and separated by the "rate" and "sync" commands is a little counter intuitive?   This might be a bit clearer?   Step / Mode / CC#1 / #1 / CC#2 / #2 / CC#3 / #3 / Rate / Sync 0 -- 21 +0 23 +0 83 +0 0 Note 2 - Initial Delay on EG5   I was wondering if it would be possible to add an initial delay to EG5. It might allow for some interesting and expressive sounds? So instead of    ADDSR   DADDSR   Might be useful and maybe no toooo hard to add?   Thanks for reading!    
  3. sammichSID with 2 engines?

  4. sammichSID with 2 engines?

    Sorry a clearer question. Is it possible to run 2 engines on a single core? I am guessing no but I just wanted to check!
  5. sammichSID with 2 engines?

    I am fairly sure this is not possible but I was just wondering in the sammichSID could run 2 engines at the same time? I assume this is not possible as the sammichSID is a single stereo core right?   Thanks guys!
  6. I was wondering if it was possible to split 4 op instruments into 2 op instruments in ensemble mode? This would be kind of fun as I assume you could get up to 8 voices that way rather than 4 with 4op. I tend to like the fairly simple 2 op sounds so having a few more of them you play with would be fun! 4 x 2 op and 2 x 4op configurations would be fun too. Can it be done or would it need heavy re writing?
  7. MIDIbox FM V2.0 on LPC17

    Another feature I would really like would be to mute individual operators from the front panel. This might sound like a weird request but if you are used for programming any of the older yamaha FM synths (love my dx11) it is a really useful feature for sound design. You can just work on perfecting an individual envelope or hear exactly how one modulator is effecting a specific carrier.    Also just an observation, it might be worthwhile editing the 1st post to make it a bit clearer what you are actually planning on adding. Something like Thomasch's post #7 is really easy to understand. The current 1st post is a bit "wall of text"y!
  8. MIDIbox FM V2.0 on LPC17

    One thing I would be interested in would be a more flexible control over allocation of ops and voices. for example the Midibox FM ensembles are (as far as I can tell) hard coded as 6 voices over 4, 4 op instruments and the 5 percussion instruments. Being able to use for example 6 monophonic 4 op voices or a mixture of 2 and 4 op instruments like you could in Adlib tracker would be amazing.   Fingers crossed I didn't miss this somewhere in the existing FW1.4....
  9. What does the Wavetable effect exactly?

    Sorry! I just re read that first post it was pretty vague. I know what the wave table is, but I cant work out if there is one wave table for all instruments (which seems a bit strange) or if there is one wavetable per instrument, how I access it. I hope that is a bit clearer...
  10. There is a fair chance im being really stupid here but I can't work out what the wave table effects. As far as I can tell WT is "above" instrument level and there isn`t a setting to specify if instruments are affected by the wave table or not as with EG5. But based on this text from the manual, there is one WT per instrument? "A single instrument can control one or more voices (up to 6), it provides: A 32-step wavetable sequencer with up to 500 Hz play rate which can be assigned to 3 CC sound parameters" Can someone explain just how silly im being? Thanks!
  11. JSynthLib update

    I would also be totally interested in a max patch!
  12. opl3 drums register settings

    Im a bit confused, are you trying to make drums NOT using the drumkits?
  13. Drumset UI Quirk.

    Thanks very much TK! Does this revision also include the changes for Drum Freq from this thread? I think it does but I don't know if that was an official update or not.
  14. Tried WTPA?
  15. Drumset UI Quirk.

    I don't know if this is a bug or a quirk or what exactly but it confuses me quite a lot. When editing drumsets the dial will scroll through the different drumsets rather than scrolling the page to the right. I THINK this is this the only page where the interface behaves like this. It is kind of a pain because if you scroll from for example set A 1 to set a 2 before saving you lose all the changes you have made. So several times I have been editing the CYM settings, pressed escape to go up a level and automatically used the dial to scroll to BD, accidentally changed drumkits and lost my edits. Would it be possible to have the dial control scrolling in drumsets (which is consistent with the rest of the interface) and have the UP and DOWN buttons select the drumsets? Thanks! Also sorry if it seems like I am hijacking the FM forum, I just finally settled down to get to grips with it!