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  1. MIDI Merger Dropping Bytes

    Hi, I would also realize the merger with the 16F88 it works well with pullup resistor on pin 4 ? I don't want to use any leds I leave pins disconnected ? Peace Djé
  2. Merger V1.5 question

    Hi, Tx for the reply, You used it intensively? without problems? You think Mikes Elektro can sell me the Pic burned ? Djé
  3. Merger V1.5 question

    Hi users, I want to build the V1.5 merger, and 3 PIC are possible to use PIC16F87x PIC18F452 PIC16F88 I would make it with the 16F88, do you think is as the same performance as the other two ? All the best Djé
  4. MidiBox KB Interface and More !

    I walk alone ! :bye:
  5. MidiBox KB Interface and More !

    Hi Hello hallo Bonjour, Here is the corrected synoptic project, 1-Keyboard Port (With AfterTouch) 1-Pitch/Mod Wheel Port 1-Ribbon Controler Port 1-Octave Selector 1-KeySet Local On/Off Selector 1-Internal MIDI IN/OUT port For Sound Module For Controls (Pots,RE,Faders Etc) i think use Omni boards by LIVID I/O board 1-Contols Local ON/OFF 1-Global MIDI Chanel selector 1-External MIDI IN/OUT/THRU port 1-USB Port for Core Programming I will try to integrate everything on a single PCB + an I / O board Anything is possible ? A bientot Djé
  6. MidiBox KB Interface and More !

    Hi Thorsten, Tx for your Reply, Your KB version works well? for programing it depends on the requested level, but in general I understand pretty quickly(pas toujours, mais on va dire qui oui :rolleyes: ) I also need the merger for these functions: -Key/pitch-Mod / Ribbon Local On/Off Control-Local On/Off Thank you for the interest. Peace Djé
  7. Hi and Salut to all the world, I'm sure what I will say, has already been addressed in the forum, but hey, I try anyway ! I'm a Electro-musician and i have a lot of Rack synths and i want to turns it into a custom Keyboard version. I would like to realize a kind of "universal interface" based to the MIDIbox including: 1 In for Fatar Keyboard series (the keyboard only no Electronics) An a octave selector with LEDs 1 In for Aftertouch 1 In for Pitch/Mod Wheel set 1 In for Ribbon controler (assignable) 2 In for Pedals (Switch and expression) (somewhat similar to the MIDIbox KB project) For controls 128 Analog Input for Pots/faders (convert to CC's Sysex, etc..) 128 Digital Input for Encoders (convert to CC's Sysex, etc..) 128 Digital Input for Switchs (convert to CC's Sysex, etc..) 128 LED Ouput For communication 1 In/Out Internal MIDI port (discrete for the sound module) 1 Port In/Out/Thru External MIDI Port (Daw) A selector to choose to Sending Key/PitchMod/Aftertouch/Ribbon/pedals to the external or Internal MIDI port (Key Local On/Off) A same selector for Controls(Local Control On/Off) I need a helping and suggestions and advice for realize this ! Djé
  8. A powerful discrete interface !

    Hi, ilmenator Tx you very much, I will read it !! :rolleyes: A bientot Djé
  9. Hello all, I'm a musician and new to the forum. I'm looking for Mod's : -Transform a Studio-electronics SE1X to a keyboard version. -Transform a Waldorf Microwave-1 to Keyboard and Controls version -Make a polyphonic 5 voices keyboard with 5 Waldorf Pulse (stacking mode) -Integrate Buttons/Pots/Encoders/Sliders/Selectors and Leds on an Oberheim Matrix-6 I went around the question of what could exist in this field, and it has to happen, always full of crafts and stuff stuff thingy. :frantics: :frantics: So what I propose is to make a discrete universal interface that would give the posibility to connect: - 1 or 2 port for Hammer/Organ/Synth keyboard with/without aftertouch. - 1 port for connecting a Pitch/wheel set (or more modwhell) - 1 port for Drawbars and drawbar knobs - 128 analog inputs for Ribbon/Pot/Encoders/Faders/selectors (Compatible eg with Omni Board and parts by Livid) Livid Omni Board - 64or128 Input for switchs - A large number of outputs for LEDs - several MIDI merger - and all that I have missed For programing Inputs Sysex,CC's Etc... I think it might interest many people, and on my side I can do many things but I do not do it alone then I would expect that we can do Peace Djé
  10. Hello friends