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  1. Syncing seq to a DAW

    A lot of the DAWs I've tried either work like crap when they are slaved (ableton) or don't even offer slaving (reaper). I've asked around and one of the more interesting ways people are getting around this is by using an audio out for the clock. Expert Sleepers are definitely doing some interesting things with converting audio signals to CV and clock. I'd love to build something similar into my Midibox but I might just drop the coin on a few expert sleepers modules or get a sync gen. Problem with both of those solutions is that then I HAVE to have the computer on and running as master...when really I'm just trying to bring it in at the end as a multitrack recorder that is aware of the clock.
  2. Syncing seq to a DAW

    How are midiboxers syncing their sequencers to a DAW? I'm not that attached to any DAW but I would like one that can be sync'd to my larger hardware setup without too much trouble. If I have to use the computer as the master I will but I'd rather not. I've looked at the innerclock sync gen and the Roland sbx-1 but is there a way to tightly sync a DAW with din sync in the midibox world?
  3. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    I'm in minus a case   Name            PCB BLM   PCB miniCore   Case   Shift button   M2 hardware   4xLED availability    0         0              -      4              0             11   latigid on      1         1              1      1              1             1 Rowan          1         1              1      1              1             1 Phatline        2         2              1      1              1             1 TK                1         1              1      1              1             1 Altitude         1         1              1      1              1             1 rwo               1         1              1      1              1             1 jojjelito          1         1              1      1              1             1 tashikoma     1         1              -      1              1             1   workspace    1         1              1      1              1             1 flyweight       1         1              1      1              1              1 Grizz             1         1              1      1              1             1 blingy            1         1              0      1              1             1     Total          13        13              10      12              12             12
  4. Waldorf style knobs

    Does anyone know a part number from albs for the tapered knobs that do not have the ribbing as was used on the waldorf microwave xt and waldorf q? These are my favorites but I can't seem t find them anywhere. If they still can be made anyone interested in a bulk order?
  5. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    All the boards are shipped except one pair and I talked to that person. If you paid they're on their way.
  6. Midibox SEQ V4L Din Sync

    Never did get din sync as tight as I'd like it to be, ended up just using a 707 as master.
  7. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Looks like USPS considers it a parcel so each pair will actually cost $6 in shipping. Apologies for the incorrect estimate.
  8. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    My run has arrived from osh park, if I have your address expect an invoice soon.
  9. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Each pair from Osh Park is $15.30. One or two pairs shipped to europe will be $3. PM me your paypal details and I will invoice when the boards arrive. Thanks.
  10. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    Edit: my run is now spoken for and I'm putting in the order today.   I will wait for sneak's groupbuy to finish and go in the order requested but so far I've got   chriss ffw starspawn slo electrodancer freddy x2 mfk   I need two pair so 3 more people will make it 10. Shipping from Chicago.
  11. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    I need two so I'm going to follow sneakthief on this and do another run of 8 more if anyone is interested
  12. MB808 from the begining, sources of info

    Midibox DR? Looks very nice. Is this upcoming stuff being discussed offline or somewhere other than the forum?
  13. So I've level shifted J28 with the 74HCT541 and adjusted the pulsewidth to I belive 3mS. I am now able to sync my TB-303, but curiously when I hit stop the 303 often (but not always) plays one more out of tune note that I don't think is even part of it's sequence. This doesn't happen when I sync it to my TR-707. I believe Roland's sync is running at a 50% duty cycle rather than just pulses, but I don't see how that would cause this either. I just wanted to see if this issue rang any bells for anyone. I'm using an LPC17 core and powering it via MIDI.
  14. Noritake 40x2 VFDs on ebay

    I just ordered two...the price seems reasonable compared to others selling these:   I've seen others recommend the Noritakes, I'll post back with how they work in my seq
  15. Hello there, I am currently trying to tackle "finishing" my midibox seq v4 this summer. I was thinking about pulling apart the core and the frontpanel/displays and casing them separately. I currently have an lpc17 core, a quad iic an sd card reader, I've just finished an aout_ng and now that I'm considering power my small wood case is starting to look a little overstuffed. I'd also like to add several din sync outs, midi 3 and 4 and the available trigs. I basically want to have all the possible outputs from the sequencer and preferably also be able to keep them wired up during transport so it makes more sense to put the core closer to my rack modules. If I keep the frontpanel separate, I was then considering mounting the pcbs vertically in something like a tiptop happy ending kit and then in the future adding a few euro modules. Has anyone already gone this route? I saw jbdiver's aout_ng panel which got me thinking about separating the frontpanel and the core and i/o and using it more like a swiss army knife. I love 19" modules but the seq frontpanel is the main thing I want on the desk in front of me and then ideally have everything else (way too much stuff-part of the issue) wired up semi- permanently out of the way.