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  1. WTB: MB-6582

    @Phatline im going to need the appropriate power supply to run at 120v. 
  2. WTB: MB-6582

    @Phatlinein the US it's 120v 
  3. WTB: MB-6582

    ok I am located in Miami, FL USA Please send me a video once you are done to confirm everything is working condition and we can arrange for payment then. THanks!
  4. WTB: MB-6582

    @Phatline You mentioned 8570, do you mean 8580 or 6581? Would this be fully stacked with 8 chips (voices)? Somewhere around $800-900?
  5. WTB: MB-6582

    Hello everyone. I am also looking for a fully packed and built 6582. Can anyone help me out ?
  6. SOLD

    Hey bhc303, i noticed that you posted a price drop and  im  really interested in the moog and the 303 how much would you let them go for ?
  7. [S] 8580 and 6581 SID's up for sale

    @AndroidSID- do you have anymore sids for sale ?