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  1. Hi Guys I have one "semi kit" for sale for the Track Position display.   Ponoko Laser Cut Front and Rear Panel in Transparent Acrylic PCB 2 x LED Matrix displays 7 x Kingbright 7 seg displays (I am fairly certain they are green) 1 x knob 1 x encoder 1 x 74HCT165     Buttons, switches, BiLEDS, 74HCT595, IDC header and SMD passives are missing - I simply never got round to building it up.   PM me if interested. Please make an offer on PM (ideally I am looking for £30 GBP, buyer pays Postage/Paypal fees. kguy<dot>wilkinson<at>gmail<dot>com   Please dont reply with offer on this page. Cheers Guy
  2. SOLD

    Thanks very much indeed for your kind offer but it isn't worth selling for that. :-)
  3. SOLD

    SOLD Due to fairly tragic reasons I am selling most of my music gear that includes my Seq V4 and most essential parts to make a Track position display. Here is a link to all the pictures of it: I have spent over £450 (pounds sterling) on the parts and would really like to get that money back to help pay for my recent hip surgery. The Seq V4 is fully built, has 6 MIDI Out ports using the additional IIC interface and is ripe for expansion and I will include a mains adaptor and it all works perfectly. Condition is lovely, there are no scratches or fingerprints. I will also include a CD with all of the files I downloaded and used to create the unit. The clear perspex box is really funky and could be enhanced by including some more illumination internally to light it up. It is all glued together with the exception of the front panel that sits very tightly in place and can be easily removed to add more boards and features inside. I have gone to a lot of trouble to remove any glue marks so it looks great. The case was cut by RazorLab (Ponoko?). Parts for the TPD include the displays, PCB and a laser cut front panel. The difficult parts have been sourced! The pictures show what parts are available as I had a few left over bits too. There are a few connectors, ribbon cable etc should you wish to re cable the internals. email me on kguy(dot)wilkinson(at)gmail(dot)com or pm me on this forum if you are interested. I can take payment by Bank transfer, Paypal and post to anywhere (Preferably in Eu). I am happy for personal collection too (and get a full demo) or if you wish to arrange a courier yourself to pick up that is even better. I wont be responsible for any import / export duty costs. Shipping from North Wales, Wrexham in UK. Cheers Guy
  4. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    Hi I would LOVE to build the tpd, please put me down for this one if poss too. When get this going I will build a blm after that too. Quant. | forum name ----------------------- 2 | taximan 2 | JohnnieBee 1 | monokinetic 1 | Acul 1 | rvlt 2 | smidirin 1 | =FFW=> 1 | verpeiler (1 | jbdiver) (2 | gtxdude) (1 | chriss) (1 | mokomo) (1 | Marxon ) (1 | BlondGuy) Happy New Year guys, nice to see some beautifully constructed systems. Cheers Guy
  5. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    Count me in buddy. I am about to build mine shortly with lpc core, is there anyone prepared to increase the size to suit and do an updated rear panel? Id prefer colour black if possible. Cheers Guy