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  1. Futaba M402SD10FJ VFD Wanted

    Sent them a mail, waiting for the quote....:) Cheers mate!
  2. Futaba M402SD10FJ VFD Wanted

    Thanks for the idea, I'll check that:)
  3. Futaba M402SD10FJ VFD Wanted

    Looking for 2 pcs of Futaba M402SD10FJ vfd displays. Have tried Mercateo but no success.
  4. SID chip gets hot

    Hey lads! Thanks for the answers! Here is the result of the past few hours: I've probably fried the sid, I don't know how. With the connection test I've measured only around 1,7-2,2V on the D6-D7 pins of the sid when inserted, 5V when pulled out. Then I checked the resistance between this two pins (out from the socket) and there was about 320 ohms resistance. Strange thing, the testtone was worked.... I had another (the last....) 8580, which has the proper voltages of all pins.... Now the other one is back in the C64, I'll test it tomorrow. I have no idea what was wrong...   Ps: the actual sid is just warm:)
  5. SID chip gets hot

    Hi everyone!   I'm just done with  my PIC Core and SID R3A, and I have a question to you guys. Basically everything went well, Mios works like a charm. I have the sid testtone app uploaded, no problem, I have the signal on the output. The question is that the Sid chip goes hot.... After a few secs I hardly could hold my finger on it... In the meantime the sound was fine. It's a pulled 8580R5 (5187) from my own C64, was working perfectly. Is it normal? Should the Sid be  fitted with heatsink? What is the average normal temperature?   Thanks in advance!   Ps: sorry for starting a new topic:)
  6. Magyarok... ide (Hungary)

  7. MagJack SI-60024-F

    Hi lads, anyone would have one or two spare MagJacks for sale?
  8. SmashTV - ordering question

    Not yet, it was a month for me too, but he said that  the pcb manufacturer was in delay so the stuffs should be on the way very soon:)
  9. MB6582 CS PCB

    He is about to send a lot of parcels, better to ask him on the chat here for more info.
  10. SmashTV - ordering question

    He is alive! :)
  11. MB6582 CS PCB

    He is alive, not to worry!:)
  12. MB6582 CS PCB

  13. MB6582 CS PCB

    Same issue here, no answer to mail or FB... I have no idea. Is He still alive?
  14. SmashTV - ordering question

    Hello gentlemen, I'm not impatient, just asking: about when the next pcbs will be shipped ?   Thanks:)