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  1. Ok, it is: One of these: http://midiboxshop.bigcartel.com/product/core-stm32f4-board-kit Two of these: http://midiboxshop.bigcartel.com/product/midi-i-o-module-kit-board And one of these: http://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/STMicroelectronics/STM32F407G-DISC1/ in a plastic bubble. Preferably in one sale.
  2. I have some midibox kits lying aroud, but no plans.. It is: a fresh STM32F4 core a core kit from Smash TV plus the pcb with all parts two midio part kits, also with pcbs They are here in .NL. Asking price is €125 including shipping in EU. Or shoot me an decent offer if you wish..
  3. One of the most flexible and powerful midi footcontrollers available. Handmade in Belgium, for more info check the website http://gordius.be/midi-footcontroller-lg.php. It has two midi ports, one of which with seven pin midi for two way communication and phantom power. Has a great programming editor with lots of possibilities. Price €300,-
  4. an MB SEQ V4 for sale. Didn't recently get the attention it deserves and some of you out there might be hungry for one. It is a standard built with the Wilba CS, STM32 core, sd card, four midi ports, but no CV or other extensions. Fully working of course. The front and back panels are from Formulor, the casing is a simple wooden frame. Probably you will want to make your own casing. Asking price is €450,- but hey, why not shoot me an offer.. Pics to follow.
  5. Hello, maybe one of you gearheads is looking for a DAW control surface. If so: I have an Euphonix / Avid MC Artist V2 on sale, the one with the ethernet interface. Four proper 100mm motor faders, control section and an extremely flexible and programmable touch screen. The black plastic is a bit weathered at places, but functionally it is 100%. Swiping with isopropyl will gradually improve the surface. It is here in NL and I 'm looking for approx € 400,-, but please don't hesitate to send your best offer.
  6. Something like this https://www.reichelt.nl/index.html?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=11175;SEARCH=7-pin%20din ?
  7. Hello guys, If one of you living nearby (NL.EU) has a spare 7 pin midi DIN connector, I'd like to buy it. Yes they are available at Reichelt, but I thought ask here first. Thanks a zillion.
  8. Yes that's my guess. don't know for sure but worth trying. Have fun, I suppose you've seen the excellent beginners' guide.
  9. Midi over USB is very stable. You probably already used it with mios studio. You've got =>ffw=> 's seq, so I guess you can also hook up devices, not only a computer. Have fun!
  10. Hello Tim,

    hope you're allright! Do you have an update on my order? A core kit & 2x midio.  

    Best regards,




    1. EsotericLabs


      The package arrived yesterday. Same superb quality as always, now waiting for soldering weather.  Thank you Tim.

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