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  1. Hi, sorry It has been sold. Forgot to update the post. --Albin
  2. I have: 2 x MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 complete with stm32f4 discovery. 2 x MIDI IO 2 x DIO_MARIX module 1 x AINSER 1 x LCD 20x4 I'm not using. Located in Sweden. Give me a fair offer and it yours. Prefer contact via email as I rarely check the forum: albin.stigo@gmail.com SOLD Best regards, Albin Stigö
  3. Yes I have a CORE_STM32F4. I'm looking for specifically this part: "Note 5: Reichelt doesn't sell the 3M SD Card Socket Can be ordered at Mouser - SD-RSMT-2-MQ" Are they the same?
  4. I'm in Denmark. I'll pay for it of course and also the shipping... just not 20euro shipping. My email is: albin.stigo@gmail.com
  5. Hi, I'm missing 1 sd card socket (SD-RSMT-2-MQ) to complete my build. Trying to avoid the 20euro mouser shipping I'm asking here if anyone has an extra they would like to sell, or if anyone knows of an alternative source or compatible socket? Thank you, Albin
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