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  1. SD card polyphonic sample player

    yeah welcome darkkat! It is like Antichambre/Bruno said, all information is here but you have to find out the basics yourself. If I had a schematic I would sure give it to you, but I don't have one. In the first post of this thread you'll find the link to the wiki. There you can find most recent stable code, and some hints, like bank selector switch is attached to J10. If you go the the ucapps site you can find the schematic of the core board for stm32  and there you can find to wich pins of the stm32 J10 is attached etc......It's quiet hard in the beginning to get overall information, where to start, how the system works etc, but if you just start you'll find out soon how it works and how versatile the MIOS system is. That's also one of the reasons why there aren't any tutorials,  (exept for this supurb new video tutorial for midiphy SeqV) So I would start reading about the core board: http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32f4.html together with this thread and the dokuwiki in the first post. You'll have enough information to start, and if you have any questions you'll know a lot better what to ask... ps, I'm not a programmer at all, but a patient puzzler and I got quite far midiboxing goodluck and cheers, Roel
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi! I just finished the boards from video tutorial 1. It was all very clear, straight forward and I didn't find any difficulties, but I've a lot of soldering experience :). Great to work with the video only, without all different kind of documentation to check. The video has a very high Bob Ross level, lovely soldering this way, I got really tranquillio!!! If I had to be critical, only point I would mention is next time I would also use high quality IC sockets for the 6n138 optocouplers. In the BOM are cheap ones and the video mention that the cheap ones are OK for the optocoulplers, but I had some trouble to put the IC's in nicely.  I attached the Core to MIOS Studio and I could upload the sequencer app, so that's good. It could also find my SD Card but I couldn't format it. And none of the LED's did any flickering, should they?! and is there more I can do/test right now? I don't know about jumper settings or other stuff to do, but I would like to play along or test some stuff. And I didn't notice before but there isn't any ethernet socket?! I have a SeqV4 now, with LPC16 with onboard ethernet, and I use it a lot to attach my Ipad to the sequencer and play with the virtual BLM. I think that's a really cool feature, how will I be able to attach my Ipad to this new sequencer? Cheers and looking forward to build the  rest! Roel
  3. Yeah supercool, I want one!  
  4. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    I'm so excited!  
  5. SD card polyphonic sample player

    You're very welcome!
  6. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Hi Buhler, HERE is a link to the original downloaded zip file from Jjonas and last week I've been (very) busy with extending the octave ranges from the mellotron sounds. I made a samplerbox with raspberryPi for my daughter, and I was amazed how good it was. One pretty neat function is that the samplerbox extends the octaves automtically. The mellotron samples have a range of only 3 octaves or something like that, but samplerbox plays them over 6 or more ocatves. And especially the lower sounds are really cool, like steamboats. So I loaded the samples into ableton and converted them to get more octaves, then into audacity to get the right format etc.  HERE is a link to my current SD Card set. I only have 5 banks so far, but it took a long time, now I want to do something else:) I don't know about your lenght issue, I just checked mine, these are about 6 seconds long, and play entirely, if I play the right lenght of notes. Good luck and have fun with the samples
  7. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Thanx, I'll look into it. I use the eeprom now, but I want my clockbox to startup with the settings from the eeprom. Maybe better to start another topic ...
  8. SD card polyphonic sample player

    I know you're right, but I'm not sure how to do that. I guess the application checks the root directory, so I should make a change in the application, and for me that still is hocus-pocus most times. I tried yesterday with the FAT32 card and that seems to work OK, so no problem anymore.  I like to develop my MIOS skills, but I have a hard time with it. For example; I'm struggling with the Clockbox application for 10 years now, I got it slaving to masterclock, but that took me months/years and  it's an ugly hack, but it works.  Now I want to load an initial set-up at start up, wich is saved on the internal eeprom. But I dunno were to begin.....any idea's Cheers, Roel
  9. SD card polyphonic sample player

    It's not really as I said before. I downloaded Jjonas his mellotron zip, and unapcked on a SD Card. There were 346 files on the Root, I put it in my MBSD Card player, anf it worked like a charm. So I checked the card and it was FAT32 formatted. Anyway, it seemed to work, so I'll investigate this further. Only thing I'm sure of is that my windows PC said that the max number of files was reached on my FAT card. It was around 250 files, and there was enough room left... Cheers, Roel  
  10. SD card polyphonic sample player

    I'm making new sample banks, but I can't put more then 256 files on the FAT card ?! Is this normal, and how did others deal with this. I would like;  64 files x 8 banks is a max of 512 samples on my card
  11. MIDIbox Live MIDI Quantiser?

    Right, now I know! that was the hassle, and I 've all in my archives. Thanx again!
  12. MIDIbox Live MIDI Quantiser?

    Hi Sneakthief, I'm interested in 0.5. I bought one here on the forum, and put a lot of effort in it to get it working with the latest release back then. But I loved it, great application, I have to dig it up, but this seems a good reason. What's with 0.5? Cheers, Roel
  13. SDCard access without removing?

    Yes, there is. But everytime I tried to download/edit the bigger files like MBSeqHW.V4, MIOS Studio seemed to freeze, it couldn't contact the Core anymore. After clicking the update button it contacted again, but I couldn't open the files, again,...so that didn't work for me. After all this hassle I installed the GM5 driver for 64bit windows version, I'm using windows 10 64 bit, and now all seems to work OK. I just checked and I can open all files, download the midi files from my sequencer, etc. So my troubles seems to have vanished. I thought I had installed the right driver before, but re-installing it seemed to do the trick!
  14. SDCard access without removing?

    Ok, I have my sequencer back. :)  Contacting over USB didn't work anymore, but when I attached the sequencer with the midi in/out ports to my GM5 USB MIDI device, MIOS Studio recognized the LPC17, and I was able to upload the SeqApp again. It's a bit of a hassle but at least I'm able to reach the SDCard without dimolishing the casing....Thanx pointing me into this direction
  15. SDCard access without removing?

    OK, now my sequencer turned into a mass storage device, and I'm unable to reach it from MIOS Studio:( Good thing: I did understand the "readme" :)