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  1. Hi Andy, thanks for your answer. A bit sad it went like that, but not everything can be a winner! I'll stick to my LPC for the SD card/ethernet issue. If I ever turn this beast into a finished piece of hardware I'll let it know! Cheers, Roel
  2. Hi Latigid and others, It's really been a long time since anyone mentioned something about MBCV V2, but I'm really curious if there was some progress in your alternative version. Your build looks really good but we never saw the finished project, like with all MBCV V2's........ Last month I powered on my own build and I was again really impressed by all possibilities. It took a while to connect it to my Ipad/lemur but I succeeded and I compiled new MBCV V2 project.h files from the mios32 github for LPC1769 and STM32F4. My own test version is on a LPC1769 but I want to make a new one on a STM32F4 core. But I can't get my ethernet module and SC card to work simultaneously. I red that Rowan and Sneakthief had the same problems , see here When I upload midibox NG to my core the ethernet card and Sd card do work simultaneously. You are also using a STM32F4 for your mbcv v2.01, did you get it to work with ethernet and SD card at the same time? Hope to get some answers after all these years....cheers, Roel
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. I checked the network connections a hundred times, without luck, but in the end I got both Seq/BLM and CV2 working bi-directional with my Lemur on the Ipad. I'm not sure what did the trick, I think setting all port connections to port 8000. First I had my remote port set on 8001. I also think it has something to do with confidence, and your answer helped with that! After your answer I installed Lemur editor on my PC and made a connection with the Ipad, that worked, than with MIOS Studio, that worked and confidence was growing, then Ipad with the Lemur BLM to my SeqV4, with settings like Here and Here That also worked, except my BLM on Lemur hangs or resets quite often and returns to Grid mode. After that I tried the MBCV2 with the same settings and it just worked... I'm quite exciting to play with this beats again. I builded it years ago and didn't finish it cause the development seemed to end and I was busy with other stuff. But this machine seems to be a really crazy powerfull CV modulator box!
  4. Hi, Are there still some people here using Lemur with OSC and a midibox? I have a SeqV4 and a Midibox CV V2 both on a LPC1769 core, and an old Ipad v1 with Lemur and a Galaxy Tab android tablet with Lemur. In the past, years ago, I had a bi-directional set-up with my Ipad and the midibox CV V2. Midibox connected to a wifi router and Ipad also connected to the router, same setup with the Lemur BLM and my seqV4 and both setups worked as far as I can remember. This weekend I tried both setups for hours without any luck. Maybe it's not possible anymore, I only read post about this wonderful usage from years ago.... So anyone still using Lemur like this? Cheers, Roel
  5. Thank you very much!!! I did this years ago, multiple times. Now a friend asked for help with his LPC1769 but I didn't succeed anymore, until I found your post! Merci bien!
  6. @lp1977 Thanks, it has the clocks indeed, works perfectly! @Rio Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, for now it works, but for future stuff I know where to look now. I thought something like that but sometimes it's just to much of a hassle to get everything working correctly...
  7. Hi Steve, thanks for showing this, that looks very promising! I wanted to compile the code, but I get an error: c:\Users\Samsung\dwhelper\Downloads\mios32-master\mios32-master\apps\sequencers\midibox_seq_v4>make rm -f project.hex project_build/core/seq_cv.o: In function `SEQ_CV_IfSet': c:\Users\Samsung\dwhelper\Downloads\mios32-master\mios32-master\apps\sequencers\midibox_seq_v4/core/seq_cv.c:157: undefined reference to `AOUT_IF_MaxChannelsGet' collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [project_build/project.elf] Error 1 But I'm not in a hurry so I can wait for the next release!
  8. Hi, thanks for the answer. I have a Fluke meter, but it's an older one and it doesn't seem to have this high-resolution function. My latest 'china' one did have the function, but it fails on resistance lately. Buying 0.1% was an option if I knew this before but I wanted to finish the modules today. I just soldered the 49.9k in and I think its good :) I just checked the new CV and gate modules by swapping them with the 'older' ones and they seem to do it on all outputs, so that's great. But if I put everything together I can't get CV2 working. I changed the HW4 file, so the clocks and trigger modules are corresponding with the right shift registers but I don't see an option for activating CV2, I only see this: CV_GATE_SR1 10 The second 'CV2' module seems to spit out a copy of CV1, and the second gate modules seems to do nothing. Am I missing something? edit: stupid of me, but I chained CV2 from 19 of CV1, not 19a. Now I did chain it from 19a, and CV2 is working ! I activated the corresponding gates by adding; CV_GATE_SR2 11 in the HW4 file
  9. Hi, I'm about to finish my second A1 CV expander module. So I'll have 8 bipolar (-5 to 5V) outputs, and 8 unipolar outputs (0-10V) I have 5 digital multimeters laying around, 4 won't give 2 decimals at 49.9K ohm, and the fifth gives a bad output at measuring resistance. So I cannot mach the resistors as described. But for the unipolar outputs I need to mach only 2 resistors instead of 3, and all the resistors are 49.9K. So I think it's good enough, what do you think?! And do I need to do something special for getting output 9 to 16 working, like chaining from CV1 19a? or jumper to rc2 on the DAC board? Thanx and a good 2021 to everyone!
  10. Hi all, I think it has been requested before but I'm not sure... I would really like to divide the clock outputs more. Now the clock can get really fast, 384 ppq, and that's great! but the lowest clock is 1 ppq. And that's still quite fast. I would like to use a clock to reset something every 64th step. But for that I have to divide the clock output through an external clock divider. It would be great to get it from the sequencer itself. Now I use a dedicated track for that but I still have 6 unused clock outputs....I hope it's possible. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, finally started playing with this wonderfull device and it's a joy! I have one simple question, can I change the velocity level of the metronome notes? I made myself a great digital piano with a studiologic sl880 keyboard and a samplerbox with Grand Piano samples. It almost works great...with highest velocity my notes get distorted....I would like to have the metronome much more quiet.
  12. Hi, I just finished my LoopA with the new lightshields I got to beta test. The machine looks fantastic and was a really nice build, following the supurb video instructions! The (no) light bleeding is far better than my seqv4+, without the lightshields. I'll definitely install them also in my sequencer, although that means I have to desolder all switches, and resolder them again with the shields. The picture with all lights on has the shields only on the bottom row, so you can see the difference, without the caps... Cheers!
  13. Ok Ok, that sounds good and I'll go the commercial way! I was just a bit dissapointed when I replaced the caps on my sequencer and still suffered from light bleeding through. But I've all confidence in the professional midishop stuff, so I'll wait for the official ones. Thanx again for the effort
  14. Can I have the stl files so I can print these myself? Cheers, Roel
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