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  1. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    Hi folks ! Now that my LCD display work fine, I'm trying to get my wilba frontpanel to work... Precision: everything is soldered on the CS pcb, except the leds (I'm waiting for my frontpanel to be delivered).... When the CS pcb is NOT plugged in, I don't have any error message whether I put standard's, TK's or Wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my fat 32 formatted SD Card. Turning the MB on leads me to the main page as shown here . With the wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my SD card, when I plug the CS PCB (from J1 on the CS PCB to J8/9 on core module), I get this error: >> |!! SD CARD ERROR !! |<< >>| E131 (FatFs : D  0)      |<< I learned german at school, but this is kind of a long time ago, so I may have misunderstood this discussion . : TK said: "E131 steht fuer ein ungueltiges Bank Format (irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit den MBSEQ_B*.V4 Files in Deiner Session)" This E131 means there is something wrong with my MBSEQ_B*.V4 in my session.....The fact is that my SD card only has the MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the FS root....No /SESSIONS directory or else...When I type sdcard in the MIOS termial, I only get MBSEQ_C.V4 and MBSEQ_HW.V4 files listed as valid (the output of sdcard tells me there is no /SESSIONS/DEFAULT/ files etc.) The previously quoted topic talks about a D9 error.....but I get a D0 error....and no luck with any search in the forum or the web... Any idea of what could have gone wrong ? Cheers, Tom.
  2. hi my idea is: put a *.syx on the SD-Card put the SD-Card in a STM34F4 core var a. Core recognizes a *.syx and send it out on Port 32 (Midi A) var b. I activate something in the program (with a Dip switch for example) and now it loads up   for what: in use with generic Midicontrollers (BCR2000) to transfair a CC-Layout that is fitting to the Midibox programm   for which project:   what i have up to now... char filepathL[8]; //Number of Pathsymbols tm/bcr.sys >>> 8 max! MUTEX_SDCARD_TAKE; statusDir = FILE_DirExists("syx"); MUTEX_SDCARD_GIVE; if(statusDir != 1) {MUTEX_LCD_TAKE; MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(0); MIOS32_LCD_Clear(); MIOS32_LCD_PrintFormattedString ("%s %d", "no bcr.syx", statusDir); MUTEX_LCD_GIVE;} if(statusDir == 1) { sprintf(filepathL, "tm/bcr.syx"); FILE_ReadOpen (&midifile_fi, filepathL); //normally i then start by reading the content and transfair it into variables..... but happens if i have Sysexfile instead? how to tunnel this to midiport? FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)file_typeBank, 4); //"MQ01" = 4 Positons FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)CC_SEQ, 32); //Container for static not touchable Variables FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)CC_Morph, 128); //Container for morphable Variables FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)Velo_Morph, 256); //Here we have 8x32=256, FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)CC_Store, 256); //Here we have 8x32=256, FILE_ReadBuffer((u8 *)MSQ_Store, 65536); //Motion-Sequence-Data 8x32*256=65536 FILE_ReadClose (&midifile_fi); MUTEX_SDCARD_GIVE      
  3. SD CARD Reader 3M Alternative

    for those who don't find a sd card socket for the core stm32F4. you could use micro SD card and the ADAPTATOR will be the socket like: first solder unused component legs to the adaptator: solder to the core but leave some space to the board for avoid short (be carefull pinning): you could fix it (glue) if you want (not done for me legs are sufficiant) et voila!
  4. Hi,   I'm missing 1 sd card socket (SD-RSMT-2-MQ) to complete my build. Trying to avoid the 20euro mouser shipping I'm asking here if anyone has an extra they would like to sell, or if anyone knows of an alternative source or compatible socket?   Thank you, Albin
  5. I haven't been able to find any reference to this info on and the forum so it's reference info for anyone who wants to connect an external SD card socket and ENC28J60 based ethernet board at the same time. Both of these devices are connected to the core with SPI. While I have been try to get them both to work at the same time I have learnt that SPI can be connected in two ways, "Star" and "Chain". The SD card socket and ethernet module need to connected in a "Star" configuration in order to work. Basically the two devices share Serial In (MOSI) , Serial Out (MISO) and Serial Clock (SCK) signals but each have individual Slave Select (SS) signals. The attached picture illustrates this pretty well.
  6. SD card STM32f4 error

    I may have messed up my STM32F4 board.  I accidentally plugged the 74HCT541 in backwards while trying to power it up for the first time.  No lights came on.   I replaced both chips on the  core module and got the boot loader and LCD working.  I installed Midibox NG 1.032 but my SD card fails. :(   From MIOS Studio 2.4.6 (here are the details) [319531.507] sdcard [319531.499] SD Card Informations [319531.500] ==================== [319531.500] ERROR: Reading CID failed with status -256! [319531.500] ERROR: Reading CSD failed with status -256! [319531.500]  [319531.500] Reading Root Directory [319531.500] ====================== [319531.500] SD Card: not connected [319531.500] Failed to open root directory - error status: 12 [319531.500] done.     I tried two 8 gig sd cards (one Ultra) format FAT 32. ==========================   I checked continuity between the solder pads of the sd card before assembly nothing seemed to be causing a short circuit.   Is there a way to trouble shoot SDCard or Connector and the STM32F4 board ?   I couldn't locate error status codes while searching the forum.   Thanks,    A confused GuitarNut
  7. SD Card Trouble

    From the album GuitarNut67 SD card trouble

    Drawing of my continuity test on my Non-Functioning STM32F4 + SD Card Connector. View is from the top of the board looking down onto the pins and SD card slot.
  8. SD Card Reader

    From the album Simple-MIDI-Router

    SD Card Reader :smile:

    © Elektrophantasten

  9. [SOLVED] SD Card error -2

    [8269.582] [disk_initialize] error while checking for SD Card (status 0) [8269.582] [disk_read] error while reading sector 0 [8269.582] [FILE] Failed to open root directory - error status: 1 [8269.582] [sDCARD_ERROR:-2] DFS_GetPtnStart failed to find partition [8269.582] ERROR: SD Card Error -2 (FatFs: D  0) [8270.596] SD Card disconnected   Can someone please give me a description of this error or where to find one. 

    Hello, i have just assembled my first LPC core and i will use the MIDIBOX NG firmware. i have also made the sd card adaptor as in the schematics.For a memory card i use a 4 gb micro sd.   When i open the core i get the message that there is NO sd card pluged.   when i write on the terminal the command "sdcard" i get this :    attached file at the bottom "reply.jpg"     I have checked 4 times all the connections from j16 to sd card adaptor and from the j16 to the pins of the LPC. I have also checked the presence of 3,3 volt and all seem perfect!   I can't find what am i do wrong. I am waitting for suggestions in order to continue my project. thanks in advance