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  1. @yogi Great to hear you're having a good time with it! I think it is a super fun synth and pretty much unbeatable on the price / size side of things.  I thought goom was moog spelled backwards too, but Mark (goom creator) said it was "it's just a rip-off of the theme music from a 1970s BBC TV programme written by Derek Goom."  Awesome to hear about the boards!  
  2. @cube48 Is it possible to get your pure data editor working on 'pd party', the pure data ios app? if so how (pure data newb here)? Any luck with increasing the pitch bend range? I got a linnstrument 128 so it would be awesome to get it into a more compatible state.
  3. Regarding a control surface, this is the formation I settled on using the ipad.  The controls I use most are the XY pads for wave shaping and the switches for the FM and frequency mode.  I like the idea of it being multitimbral (midi channel buttons are up top + 'send all,' top right) but without a way to save presets it doesn't make sense yet.  To me these are the controls that make the Goom unique.  Freq mode>KEY and FM>MIX gets you decent bread and butter synth sounds.  Flicking it to freq mode>HI and FM>FM+FB gets you instant grainy, delay like wierdness to full on wall-of-digital-filth, depending on the XY pad positions.  As I mostly use an external analog filter with it (X-pole or stereo shruthi) I hardly use the filter / filter EG.
  4. @cube48 Sorry I just got around to asking mark about the increasing the bend amount.  He said to divide by 2 to double the bend range.  e.g. a value of 6 should get a range of 4  
  5. @cube48 @AVLG love the projects! Keeping the volume under 86 all but eliminates the clicking (to my ear it sounds like some DAC wierdness but I'm no expert)...  In this video I filter the goom with the new stereo pheonix (shruthi).  You'll see user donpachi made me the LPC version in the metal box on the desk...totally awesome.  This synth is definitely one of my favorites.  
  6. novation launchpad pro as keyboard

    Problem Solved: User scales and sequencer for the LPP by this genius:
  7. [Wanted] MFB Polylite

    Hi all, I'm looking for an MFB Polylite in good working condition, (incl single out and dc adapters if possible)
  8. [Wanted] Roland MKS-50

    Hi all, I'm looking for an MKS-50...cosmetic condition isn't so important as along as everything works and the chorus doesn't whine.  I'm located in Berlin so EU and 220v preferred.
  9. Here's a video comparing 1 oscillator on the evolver, prophet '08 and Goom (through the evolver filters):  
  10. High peeps, I have been simply dying for a compact / comprehensive pad instrument to replace the traditional controller keyboards I have (and the great but zero feel 'isomorphic' layout I have been using on the ipad) so I just  thought I'd share an initial impression of the launchpad pro, used as a keyboard: The good: -unit weight: just right...light enough to be portable but heavy enough to bang on and not have the feeling that it is going to fly off your work surface -aftertouch sensitivity : great- with three levels of sensitivity to choose from in the bootlaoder mode.  I can get all sorts of LFO / modulation madness going with the alpha juno and prophet 08. -velocity sensitivity : great- as responsive as any keyboard velocity I have tried without any sort of travel / tendonitis inducing issues of synth action / semi weighted keyboards -button feel: solid, chunky and smooth- easy to bang on OR swipe your finger across and trigger the notes that you swipe...totally mad 'free jazz' stuff here.  Four buttons have a raised dot so you can keep your place without looking at the LPP. -octave buttons / chromatic scale shift buttons (for lack of better terminology): nice and using scale shift, the user can shift the notes displayed on the LPP by a half step up or down (that is, a half step left or right on the LPP) -opensource firmware -cost: made me a little wary at first but after having it in front of me for a while it seems fair, my initial impression of the quality is good.  I won't be using all the gimmicky ableton interface / 'light show' stuff (which probably contributed to the cost) but it is STM32F1 based which gives me the impression of stability /flexibilty. the mediocre: -without changing the firmware, the user is limited to a chromatic note layout...*but* if you are C madman you can change the open source firmware ***on that note, is there anyone else interested in figuring out how to make other note layouts?  I am addicted to the 'minor third' layout I have on my ipad but I have to keep my eyes glued to it since there is no physical feedback (making it difficult to search for the knobs I want to twiddle next with my free hand).***    
  11. The NG and the DSP...

    Wow, great project Benoit.  Your prototype looks great!
  12. @martindunne1: Have to double check...I thought it was working at first but it seems I was confused...
  13. NG USB 'class compliant?'

    @Thorsten Thanks for the suggestion...the naming thingy seems to be most consistent with the issues I'm running into...I'll try that first!
  14. @martindunne: the 48kHz version project.hex is on the first page of this thread posted by Rowan...the tuning is off by a few notes the 35.1Khz project.hex version is the latest version in the SVN repository.  This is basically the original version that Mark posted on his site..the tuning is off by about a quarter tone (~50 cents)   cheers!