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  1. Hey, thanks for your answer and clarification. It turned out that it was the perfect combination of misunderstanding/misinterpreting the manual (which I actually read) an a broken stereo cable -.- So everything is working fine now, thank you!
  2. Hi there, I recently bought a used sammichSID equipped with two 8580 SIDs, MIOS 1.9g, running MIDIbox SID V2.044. The problem I'm facing is that only one SID seems to be recognized. So within the ensemble-menu I can only choose SID 1. Also I get only audio-output by one SID. So I have the following questions: - does the Midibox software perfom any check to determine if the SID may be broken and "disables" it in the frontend-selection? - is there any way to perform a check or debug this issue? - if the SID is broken: would I be able to recognize it in the menue if I wou
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