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Found 24 results

  1. Hi! Long time no speak. So, I plugged in my Sammich after a 3 year break (I know, I'm sorry), and there's an issue. There is only some odd low level sounds. At one point I actually heard something like the SID, but it disappeared. On opening up the box I found that the SIDS are REALLY hot when powered, like they burn to the touch. Any ideas, or starting points for investigation? It's a pair of 8580's, 1A linear PSU, and it was working before. The mods are the potentiometer mods to A0-A4. Many thanks!
  2. Hi guys , i would love to do these things and dont know if is possible: 1 - Edit a SID file with some tracker software , is this possible ? using the sammichSID of course. 2 - rip or extract the sounds / presets used in a SID file / music and save as a preset. thanks a lot.
  3. Did anyone install FPGASIDs in their sammichSID? I'm looking for replacements for my 8580s and was wondering if sammichSID would be compatible to FPGASID and if it would be possible to use one FPGASID to replace both sammichSID ICs? And if it is possible, how to do it. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, I recently bought a used sammichSID equipped with two 8580 SIDs, MIOS 1.9g, running MIDIbox SID V2.044. The problem I'm facing is that only one SID seems to be recognized. So within the ensemble-menu I can only choose SID 1. Also I get only audio-output by one SID. So I have the following questions: - does the Midibox software perfom any check to determine if the SID may be broken and "disables" it in the frontend-selection? - is there any way to perform a check or debug this issue? - if the SID is broken: would I be able to recognize it in the menue if I would swap both SIDs against each other to check if one is broken? So that the ensemble-screen would say *2** instead of 1***? - software issue? - am I completely missing something, like that the behaviour of the sammichSID differs from the "normal" MIDIbox SID? Any help or hint would be appreciated :-) Thanks, Chris
  5. I am troubleshooting an issue on my sammichSID; basically I see that all the 24LC512 memory chips are installed; there are 5 of them. When using the SS, I can see bank A, B, C and D, but E, F and G give me the "no bank" message on display. I am curious how does the memory on the SS works, with these chips. Is each chip hosting a bank? In which case I should see banks A through E; but the last bank seems to be D. Do I have to initialize again the chips, or maybe some went bad? Thanks
  6. Hello, i'm switching to OLED on my SammichSID and SammichFM but i can't find anything like the pin header that went with the kits, maybe the base was pushed up to make the base pin longer, my local store doesn't have anything like that and on mouser or digikey i really can't find it, i'm asking for suggestion so. I've attached a photo. Cheers. G.
  7. Anyone tried retro-fitting a 20x2 character OLED to the SammichSID? I recently (after Many years) rediscovered my SammichSID. It still sounds great, but sadly the original LCD has faded almost to invisibility, so I wondered if a more modern OLED would work. I've heard OLEDs can cause HF noise issues, so I'm especially interested to find out if this would be the case with a drop-in replacement of the original LCD.
  8. Hello all, For the past week or so, I've been trying to learn my way around SysEx for the purpose of setting up a Behringer BCR2000 to program the sammichSID. After much trial and error, I have had some success, but I have hit a wall with the Voice Envelope ADSR. Since Attack/Decay and Sustain/Release each share a respective address, I can't sort out how to control them independently without issue. Currently, I am using the BC Manager software (https://mountainutilities.eu/bcmanager) with the help of the SID Ctrlr panel to send the following data (for OSC 1 L/R): Attack: $F0 $00 $00 $7E $4B $00 $06 $01 $00 $62 val4.7 val $F7 Decay: $F0 $00 $00 $7E $4B $00 $06 $01 $00 $62 val0.3 val $F7 *Edit* - I am sending a value range of 0-15 for each. This gets me part way there, but I am unable to have independent control over them. If I move the encoder I've assigned to Attack, it will affect the Decay value as well. Here is the relevant part of the SysEx implementation (https://github.com/midibox/mios8/blob/master/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/doc/mbsidv2_sysex_implementation.txt) Line 354: 0x062 | [7:4] DCA Attack Rate | [3:0] DCA Decay Rate I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Hopefully this makes sense to someone! :) Thank you for reading, and any help is greatly appreciated. Dhayv PS - side question: in the hex above, what does the $06 $01 $00 represent? I have noticed it is included in almost every parameter I have come across so far.
  9. Hey guys, I have a sammichSID which I built from kit a few years ago. It's a fantastic device, but I have a few issues which I can't seem to solve. One is that the Arpeggiator doesn't seem to change direction. It only ever seems to go "Up" no matter how many times I change it to "Down" or any of the other settings. Also, how can I tell if both SIDs are working? Are they both working when I get stereo output? Are the two SIDs required for stereo output, or can stereo output be achieved with only one SID? My sammichSID seems to have stereo output, and the green LEDs at the top move up and down at different rates on the left and the right. Does this mean both SIDs are working? Thanks in advance, Squinton.
  10. Selling a couple of sammichSIDs over on eBay including one Arctic White Wilba kit built by me about a month ago. They are both sold with SwinSIDs as it has become to time consuming to source original SIDs. I am an experienced builder and have been making gear for twenty years. Both units have been tested and work great. Starting bid is $99 for each unit. I am including the recommended Jameco power supplies in each auction. Arctic white case (built by me): https://www.ebay.com/itm/183833198149 Aluminum case (purchased from eBay seller - but tested working perfectly):https://www.ebay.com/itm/183832014411
  11. eptheca


    From the album: eptheca

    Now that's a sammich! A sammichFM between two sammichSIDs
  12. I'm wondering what hardware options with lotsa knobs might exist to edit the Midibox SIDs and sammichSIDs?
  13. Hi brains trust I have had a functioning sammichSID with MIOS 1.9g installed - and have screwed up something when updating it to 2.044. Previously, MIDI was communicating with the core in MIOS Studio. I then uploaded setup_sammich_sid.hex from midibox_sid_v2_044.zip. The upload got to 100% successfully (though, I think it said errors were detected, but they were resolved). On resetting, the display now shows nothing, except garbled characters briefly after 2 seconds. I cannot find the core in MIOS Studio anymore! How can I resolve this?
  14. Hi guys , i would love to do these things and dont know if is possible: 1 - Edit a SID file with some tracker software , is this possible ? using the sammichSID of course. 2 - rip or extract the sounds / presets used in a SID file / music and save as a preset. thanks a lot. A little gifs for this christmass :
  15. HI, I have had this sammichSID kit laying here, today I am putting it together. I have the Revision 3 board, everything is going well, but, I am at the stage where I line up the pins from the bottom board to the top/display board, the bottom header has 18 holes, the header in the display has 16 holes
  16. Anyone have one and willing to post to Australia?
  17. Anyone have one and willing to post to Australia?
  18. hi all , someone knows why my sammichSID dont start up / boot up when i have connected both midi cables ? (midi in and midi out connected) . When i only have connected one of them , then no problem , but if i have connected both , the sammich dont start. Thanks. In regard to check some failure, is There any way to know if midi input and output is working ? or how do a diagnostic ? thanks very much
  19. Hi there, i try to find svg files for the sammich enclosure... Or to be specific: I need the svg file for just the front. The only thing i found is a "sammichSID-measurements" file... i cant watch/edit it... I used the search and found nothing... I also wrote Willba an Email, but still no answer... :( Can anybody help me out here? Regards
  20. I'm looking for a sammichSID or Midibox v2 either built, kits, or most of a kit. FWIW, I live in San Francisco, CA USA. Thanks.
  21. My sammichSID is hopeless Everything is working except the control surface, It's not reacting to buttons and encoder, and it's acting weird....I swapped IC's, uploaded and re-uploaded firmware....checked solder joints...I'm all out of options...the more I try to fix it the more it gets worse...I'm getting paranoia over stuff, I thought one of the buttons was bad so I took it off and ruined a trace.....I have to lay off it, because I'm making stupid emotional decisions....so PLEASE I NEED HELP! Anybody who has done reparations on Sammich please respond, I will pay for your time and expenses. I don't want this sammich laying in the corner, broken, not being used...It makes me VERY SAD thank you for helping me
  22. I am the owner of a White sammichSID kit that i bought from another user on the flea market a while back and I've recently been playing with the synth again. I want to make sure its in perfect working order, and I have discovered that it is not. I have two problems with its functions: 1. When I received it, it was jumping values with the encoder as well as the up and down arrows. Is there a fix for that? 2. I also have a problem with the right chip in mine, sometimes it cuts out completely. Turning it off and back on again makes the chip start working again, but i've noticed that it has a slightly different tone than my other chip, despite being the same series. I'm capable of repairing this myself, I'm just not sure where to start to fix these issues. Can you suggest anything?
  23. I am selling my sammichSID with two 8580 SIDs installed. The case is black. The LEDs and display are green. The display is a low-power type, so it's not quite as bright as some others, but it is easily readable in any lighting. It actually looks much better than in my photos. The filters on both SIDs work as they should. The painting of the logo and text on the case is pretty clean. This was my first kit, so the soldering isn't professional-looking, but it's not bad at all. There are two minor issues which the buyer should know, neither of which affect the operation in any way, provided you have no intention of opening the unit up and modifying it from its current configuration. First issue: This only affects the unit when the jumper is set for a high power display. With the low-power display installed now, it is a non-issue. When using a high-power display. The current into the base of the transistor that drives the display backlight is not limited. This causes the transistor to get fried within a few minutes of the first power up. At a time when I knew nothing about electronics Wilba was very patient in helping me troubleshoot the problem, but in the end, it never got corrected. The base resistor is the correct value, so it seems there is a short somewhere. Since this was my first kit, the most likely culprit would be my soldering, but I have looked at the board over and over, and I can't find any problems in that area, so I can't completely rule out the possibility that it is a problem with the board itself. Eventually, I soldered in a socket to to hold the transistor since constantly resoldering it every time one gets fried would damage the pads. I recommend just leaving it as it is and using the low-power display, but if anyone wants to try to fix the high power display setting, I can send a few extra BC337s and an extra green display. Second issue: Not really much of an issue at all, but for the sake of full disclosure I think I should say it. During the course of troubleshooting the first issue, I removed one of the SIDs, and one of the pins came off. (I don't remember which SID, but the pin was at the corner, so 1, 14, 15, or 28.) I soldered a piece of a resistor lead to it, and it fits into the socket fine and makes a good connection. It doesn't affect operation at all. You can't even see it. It's just something to be aware of if you need to take one of the SIDs out of the socket (which I don't recommend). In short: It looks good and works perfectly as it is, but I don't recommend trying to change anything if you don't have to. I'm willing to ship anywhere, but shipping will be from Japan, so depending on where you are, it could be a considerable amount. To save shipping fees, and hassle, I'm not including an AC adapter unless the buyer is in Japan and requests to have it. I can accept money orders and wire transfer for sure. I'm currently in the process of making a paypal account and relearning how to use it since I closed my account years ago. I think I can probably take paypal though. I'm hoping to get 60,000 yen for it. As of today that is almost exactly 500 U.S. dollars. If you're interested, send me a message and we can work out the details.
  24. I am throwing my sammichSID up for sale. Heres a link to a craigslist post I made about it: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/msg/5207645845.html I want 500USD$ for it, Free shipping. It comes with a TRS breakout cable for stereo output and it comes with a 12V US 120v plug CCTV power supply. Its in fully assembled and functioning condition. The encoder jumps around a bit but not an issue if you're using it in the studio.
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